Past Events

We2 Intimate March 14, 2018

We2 Intimate Dinner. In Vaudreuil! The We2 Exclusive Dinner Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a glass of wine [...]

We2 Intimate Feb 9, 2018

We2 Intimate Brunch. Next in the We2 Exclusive Intimate Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a delightful meal and [...]

Vision Day on January 26, 2018

BRING THE MAGIC & BELIEVE We are starting 2018 with our annual Vision Day on January 26th! This year’s theme: BRING THE MAGIC & BELIEVE. Each year all participants get to write a letter to themselves…filled with their goals, dreams, things you are proud of, things you wish to manifest…and of course also filled with [...]

We2 Holiday Luncheon 2017

You’re so fancy. I already know. ;) IT’S TIME TO celebrate together! This year We2 are getting together for a fabulous Holiday lunch – pure fun, pure networking. It’s a celebration of all of YOU. Each other. Our inner & outer sparkle. To celebrate everywhere we’ve been – and everywhere we are going! It’s a [...]

We2 Intimate Nov 16, 2017

We2 Intimate. First in the We2 Exclusive Dinner Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a glass of wine over [...]

We2 Holiday Extravaganza 2017

We2 Holiday Extravaganza is back! And “We2” are super excited! This year, We2 are bringing back our AWESOME Holiday event! Network with other business owners, meet some cool local businesses! This event is open to Members & guests, (YES, EVEN GUYS) and is FREE – But RSVP’s are a MUST. Also, it will be a [...]

Rock Your Elevator Pitch!

Rock Your Elevator Pitch! Do you freeze when people ask you, “So, what do you do?” I mean, you know it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about your biz, right? The one you work so hard on building! Or perhaps… standing up to give your infomercial at We2 events make your knees shake? [...]

Elevate Your Brand Image

Elevate Your Brand Image Today, more than ever, people want to be connected to the person behind the business. In our image-heavy world, where selfies reign; where you are bound to get Googled and found on Facebook, We2 wants to know…are you answering the digital door and welcoming people to your awesome party – in [...]

Self-Defense for Women!

Feel more confident, empowered, and secure! Elevate your awareness, recognize signs, prevent, de-escalate a situation and yes, defend yourself AND escape with your loved ones should you need to. You are not helpless in any situation, but have a power and strength reserve that you can tap into. Just like CPR, you hope you never [...]

We2 Annual Picnic Party :: August 11th, 2017

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it’s way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

6 Steps to Creating Business Bliss webinar class

6 Steps to Creating Business Bliss Are you ready to transform your business from “meh” to magnificent? Ahhh…Business Bliss. That sweet spot. When Unicorns dance and it rains glitter! Feel like there is MORE waiting for you and your business? More IMPACT, more FUN, more freedom and more money… (like, a lot more money)? Whether [...]

We2 Welcomes Michael Glazer, Co-founder & C.E.O. of Premier Service Inc. One of Canada’s fastest growing companies!

We2 Welcomes Michael Glazer, Co-founder & C.E.O. of Premier Service Inc. One of Canada’s fastest growing companies! Brace yourself! In this fast-paced information-packed presentation, Michael Glazer, co-founder and CEO of Premier Service, is going to show you more tips and techniques about growing your business that you have ever seen in any one hour block [...]

We2 Speed Networking Downtown Montreal :: We2 arrive au centre-ville de Montréal pour une série de réseautage pur!

Français Sold Out!!! We2 coming with another PURE Networking series in Downtown Montreal! If you are woman in biz or a budding entrepreneur, WE2 brings you together with other like-minded women to connect, learn, share and grow! Find referrals, collaborations, or simply get that mid-week boost of energy and “you got this” inspiration to power [...]

Network. Profit through connecting! Webinar 2

Special Members only webinar Get ready to learn how to network like a pro. It’s easy, it’s fun and it is BY FAR one of the best ways to grow your business! For the last decade, I have had a front row seat in the field of Networking. I have studied and read, witnessed the [...]

Cultivating Confidence Nov 25, 2016

Cultivating Confidence :: November 25th, 2016 :: West Island Imagine feeling much more confident about the work that you do, more confident with the rates you charge…confident about your own value and worth. Imagine what kind of an impact that has on YOU and your wonderful spirit, but also on the clients and prospects that [...]

Living Laughter: A Human Experience to Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Ladies Luncheon :: June 10, 2016 :: Vaudreuil You spend countless hours looking for ways to grow your business; social media, spending time perfecting your service and/or product, and you make sure to micro manage all the paper work that comes with owning a business. But do you take the time to improve the human [...]

Master LinkedIn for Maximum results, May 27th

Ladies Luncheon :: May 27, 2016 :: West Island LinkedIn is a powerful business tool to help grow your business. However, few people actually maximize the incredible potential of connecting with and finding clients with their unique profile – or their LinkedIn strategy. On May 27th we are super excited to welcome our very own [...]

We2® Self Defence Workshop :: March 24, 2016 :: West Island

Self Defence for Women with We2® and KM3 Part of the We2® mission is to bring women tools they need for business…and also for life and lifestyle. Because we know that all things interconnect. From we eat to how we feel. This March, We2® is bringing something unique to our workshop repertoire. It is a [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: March 11, 2016 :: Vaudreuil

Imagine being able to build an empire from your cell phone… For somebody who started her very first business before there was Facebook or Twitter, I am still amazed at the incredible power that is right at our fingertips, the power to build an online empire and work with incredible people from all over the [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: February 26, 2016 :: West Island

MONEY w/ Yvonne St-Louis We2-Meet® Feb 26, 2016! Money. Just the word will spark intense feelings among every reader. No matter your relationship to it, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s a loaded topic. The feelings, beliefs and energy that it carries is nothing short of fascinating. That is why we [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: February 12, 2016 :: Vaudreuil

Master your authentic voice on Feb 12! Imagine saying what you really mean and presenting it well…Do you struggle finding the right words at the right time? Finding and mastering our authentic voice can be liberating, help you feel more fulfilled and confident in all aspects of your life and relationships. And yes, mastering your [...]

We2 Members & Friends Holiday Party :: December 10 2015

We2 Members & Friends Holiday Party !!! The time has come to celebrate! Share in the merriment as “We2” gather together to share the company of our good friends over a lovely meal. Celebrate the season, celebrate our accomplishments and celebrate each other! Come dressed up to dazzle & let your hair down! Of course, [...]

We2 Holiday Extravaganza :: December 6, 2015

The Holly-Dayest Fair Around! Our Sixth Anniversary! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” We2 are so excited to bring you another year of good friends and good cheer to celebrate the season of giving at our annual Holiday Networking EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! We2 aims to delight you this holiday season! Our extravaganza is so much [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: September 25, 2015 :: West Island

Empowering the women to capitalize on their existing skills and teaching them new, entrepreneurial ones. Get Inspired! Meet the woman helping women around the world. Imagine your mission involves helping strangers around the world…women you have yet to meet. Women who’s lives you will transform, who will in turn impact their own children, fighting poverty [...]

We2 Picnic Party

We2™ Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Grab your most magnificent sunhat and put on your prettiest frock! We2 are taking it outside, for some fun, some sun, some great food,tons of games and laughter. Enjoy a beautiful prepared healthy lunch, network with the super-women of We2 in a relaxed setting! Our Vaudreuil [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: June 26, 2015

We2 wants to showcase YOU! We2 Ladies Luncheon We2 have a very special luncheon planned. This “Show and Tell” is a chance to go beyond the 30 second “infomercial” On June 26th, We2- Meet for another awesome Ladies Luncheon at Table 09 restaurant! Tell us what you are working on, what are you selling, offering [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: June 12, 2015

Cultivating Resilience in Business, Work and Life At some point in our lives or our work, we are faced with crisis, loss, a need or strong desire to make a significant shift. At this point, we have the choice to sink or swim. Research has shown that it is the quality of ‘resilience’ that not [...]

The Essence and Essentials of Early Entrepreneurship

The Essence and Essentials of Early Entrepreneurship Most people we know have simple enough goals in life: to work for themselves, spend their time doing what they love and make a comfortable living doing it. Seems easy enough, right? But trying to figure it all out by yourself can sometimes be overwhelming, isolating and daunting, [...]

Networking & Painting :: May 14, 2015

We2 gets creative networking painting and wine at 4 cats studio Come and meet some awesome women, let down your hair and unleash your creativity with a special event brought to you by We2 – Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange and Studio 4 Cats West island! There will be wine and a guided painting session to create [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: April 24, 2015

Why 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs don’t get media coverage (and how you can be the one who does) Learn the top mistakes entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, speakers and experts of every kind make when they pitch the media. Former journalist Geeta Nadkarni teaches business owners just like you how to harness the power of unpaid [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: April 10, 2015

Mastery :: The Path to Success Turn your direction around and propel yourself into empowerment and mastery. Wake up to your own true potential. On the World Wide Web they say that there are 3 kinds of people in business. There are the heart-dominant entrepreneurs which are distinguished by their passion — their personal drive [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: March 27, 2015

Legal questions are on the mind of every entrepreneur, at every stage of business development. You may be wondering about how trademarking or copyright law can help you protect your brand or your artwork. What does it mean if I don’t. What’s the difference between trademarks and copyrights? Imitation may be flattering, but when you [...]

SPEAK UP AND STAND OUT! :: Ladies Luncheon :: March 13, 2015

How to use public speaking in extraordinary ways to connect deeply with your audience, showcase your expertise, and build your business. These days, it’s no longer enough to be a “good” speaker, or to just “get through it.” You need to be able to express yourself with complete confidence. You need to know how you’re [...]

Marketing on a Shoestring :: February 27, 2015

We2 Meet™ with George Kiorpelidis! :: Ladies Luncheon Today’s entrepreneurs face many challenges not the least of which is finding clients. Cash flow is always a challenge so how is a cash strapped solopreneur going to compete against a much better financed competitor. Marketing expert and entrepreneur George Kiorpelidis of Small Business Marketing Formula will [...]

November 28 2014

Social And Sell-able! Blogging to Boost your Business with Julia Genoni We2 Ladies Luncheon The doors are wide open online and it’s up to you to move on in and introduce yourself to the world! To learn more about what social media can do for our business, Julia will be sharing her knowledge and experiences [...]

We2 Photo Day November 7, 2014 :: RSVP here – with Wanda Malfara

November 7, 2014 RSVP below We know the importance of a great first impression – We2 emphasizes this with the way we carry ourselves, and the way we dress… but in today’s day and age, the one place that WE CANNOT FORGET : the PHOTOGRAPH! Before you step into that meeting, before you get that [...]

September 10, 2014

The Power of People The foundation for business success. There are many factors that influence our success. Passion. Commitment. Dedication. Marketing & Sales Strategy. But there is one irreplaceable thing that holds the biggest key of all, no matter what business you are in. People. It’s all about the people. The ones you serve. The [...]

We2 Walk & Talk

Every Friday for the month of June, We2 members are invited for a stroll through nature, to get fresh air & exercise, feel uplifted, refreshed, and to enjoy the lovely company of fellow members! Get to know each other in a beautiful setting, in a different way, and create friendships and lasting bonds while we [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: May 29, 2015

A WE² bit about Caroline: Caroline Salette, one of three agents to earn over $1,000,000 in the Province of Quebec – and leader of the sixth highest producing team in 2006 – credits her phenomenal success to her love of people and having a clear vision of her goals and objectives. Whether client, friend, or [...]

June 13 2014

One of our greatest fears as parents is to remain helpless if your child stopped breathing.With summer finally here, hot days means pool fun. But that fun can stop short if a life-threatening accident occurs. If you have children who have not yet learned to swim, and if left unattended around a swimming pool, a [...]

April 24, 2014

We2 Meet for Dinner Join us for an evening of PURE NETWORKING JOY and enjoy the company of this energetic group of smart and soulful women! We’ll be talking business over dinner! If you have a service, product, or workshop you want to promote, get some great feedback, help or referrals.. this is the place [...]

March 27, 2014

How to monetize your brand and make money online. A WE² bit about Erica : Erica Diamond is the leading Women’s Expert in Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Parenting and Balance. Erica Diamond, Certified Success and Lifestyle Coach, is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Award-Winning Women’s Lifestyle Blog®, Weekly Parenting Correspondent On Global TV, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, [...]

iPEC Canada Toronto workshop

iPEC Canada has a exciting live workshop starting March 21stin Toronto! The first 3-day intensive, face-to-face weekend of iPEC’s Coach Training Program is invigorating and inspiring. It gives you the opportunity to experience the power of Core Energy Coaching™ firsthand, and provides practical knowledge about how to utilize its potential in many aspects of your [...]

Awakening Festival

Join us for a day dedicated to YOU…to help you illuminate and manifest your greatest desires! Full day dedicated to inspiring & supporting individuals awakening to their greatest potential – wisdom, connections, music, movement, food, self-expression Join the 2nd Awakening Festival – April 5th, 2014! Experts in their field will share and inspire you Connect [...]

ME FIRST 2 Day Retreat

ME FIRST 2 Day Retreat Tigh Shee – March 29-30, 2014 This two day event will change your life! Learn that if you wish to change something outside of you, it begins with ME FIRST. Through the Seven Directions of Awakening, you will identify what it is you want, develop your Personal Guidance System (PGS) [...]

March 12, 2014

Weber’s Website Wakeup Did you know that 50% of all search happens on mobile devices and that there are now 2 billion smartphones users? Is your site mobile responsive or are you missing 50% of potential clients? Do you love your site? Does it represent YOU and your business? Do your clients find it appealing? [...]

February 12, 2014

Write Your Book In 90 Days We2 welcomes dynamic speaker Martin Presse as he shares his expertise with us! Writing your book can be a great way to open the doors to endless opportunities, give you instant credibility and stay with people long after you meet. It is also a great revenue stream! Martin will [...]

We2 Holiday Extravaganza :: Dec 11, 2013

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..” We2 Holiday Networking Extravaganza! That wonderful time has come around again! On December 11th The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange opens our doors to everybody who wants to join us (men included) for a lovely and memorable morning of networking cheer! You are cordially invited to come on down [...]

November 21, 2013

We2 Meet for Dinner Join us for a girls night out! Dress up and let your hair down! Nothing better than a tasty meal with some of your favourite girlfriends…who also happen to be super-amazing professional women making things happen! Along with our infomercials we will introduce our new segment: “Members Present” Up to 3 [...]

Bring Power to Your Pitch

Create a unique, and memorable infomercial! With Suzannah Baum and Sarena Miller Are you finding your elevator pitch is feeling flat? We2 presents an invaluable workshop on How to write and properly communicate your beautiful, engaging and intriguing infomercial that grabs attention, and helps you stand out in the crowd. Something that you can use [...]

October 9, 2013

Celebrating Your Strengths Join Betty Healey for an interactive and fun presentation dedicated to YOU and your unique qualities/strengths. Understanding the qualities that define YOU leverages your ability to build a successful business and connect more effectively with your clients. You will have a chance to complete a brief self-evaluation and participate in a lively [...]

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