Past Events

Transform your Thinking with Mind Mapping – August 12th, 2009

Would you like to: Think faster and be more focused each day? Manage information overload better? Increase your productivity by 10-20 % each week? Join us on the morning of August 12th when Britta Heintzen, professional speaker & president of Plan4Results, brings the fascinating tools of Mind Mapping to We²! Britta will introduce you to [...]

WE2 Sponsoring e2connect event

Sponsoring A special offer : E2 connect is putting on a fabulous all-day learning event on July 14th and We² will be a sponsor!! What does that mean for You? Well, first it means more savings on an already low-cost event! What bang for your buck! If you wanted to see Peter Vogopoulos last month [...]

How to Network Effectively!

The lovely, articlulate, intelligent and talented Corry Robertson will be starting WE² with a bang! WE² is proud to have our very own member and certified professional coach sharing invaluable information that morning. What better topic to launch our membership with than : “ How to Network Effectively!” ? Corry is chock-full of valuble information! [...]

The Seven Keys to Real Marketing Results

How would you like a checklist of the seven most important things to use in all your marketing? Most businesses create marketing “collateral” (a fancy word to describe the sum of flyers, brochures, catalogs, and other print or non-print material) to help move the sale along. Did you know that most of these marketing pieces [...]

Unlocking Your Color Code

A very exciting and dynamic speaker, Glynis MacDavid, who will talk about Your COLOR CODE- designed to help you assess who you truly are and how you can use that to better yourself and your business!Find out more about it by taking the “Color Test.” Follow the link below! It will be a fun, enlightening [...]

The Power of YOUR Intuition

Hi There & Welcome To WE²! WOW! April is surely going to be a terrific month! With the springtime upon us, the warming sun, the lifting spirits, what a great time to reconnect with ourselves and our source. With today’s busy lives and external demands: cell phones, media, internet, our business our families…buzz-buzz-buzz…do you find [...]

Easy Steps to Presentation Excellence

Most entrepreneurs, business professionals and students are required to make presentations or an occasional speech. Unfortunately, many people have a fear of public speaking, and they panic when these opportunities arise. But this does not have to be the case! There are concrete steps that you can take to learn the basic skills you need [...]

How to Connect with Your Vision

Corry will show you how to create your vision and mission for your career and your life. “The vision is about how you see yourself in the future when you are living your best life and your mission is HOW you are going to do it”. “I will share you with some tips on how [...]

Why? Why Not!

Harnessing the Power of the Innovation Advantage in Your Business. Imagine being able to move your business from “where it is” to “where you always knew it could be” with just a simple shift in focus? Imagine being able to move your team from “reasons we can’t” to “reasons we can” with just one simple [...]

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