Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting

Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting!

We2 know podcasting is hotter than ever, and with it comes an abundance of opportunities!

There’s a whole untapped market for your business or niche in the podcasting world!

With the proliferation of smart mobile devices and on-the-go listening trends, having your own show can help you grow your community and influence in your industry.

That’s why we are so excited to bring you our very special guest speaker Lisa Capri, creator & host of her awesome “Raise Your Frequency” podcast, helping entrepreneurs with biz, lifestyle & productivity topics to help you grow!

Lisa’s talk will cover the advantages of launching your own podcast, and how this can increase your credibility within your field.

You’ll learn:

  • the basics of what having your own podcast entails and
  • how to get started,
  • the different types/styles of podcasts, as well as
  • how podcasts speed up the know-like-trust factor with your potential clients.

If you have been curious about podcasting, and how to get started, or if you just want to learn more about delivering awesome content to grow your community, here’s your chance!

Join us for an unforgettable afternoon with guest speaker Lisa Capri & the women of We2!

A We2-bit about Lisa:

Lisa Capri - Raise Your Frequency podcastA serial entrepreneur, Lisa Capri has owned and operated physical and online businesses in several different fields for more than 15 years.

Currently the host of the “Raise Your Frequency Podcast”, a weekly show that tackles productivity and lifestyle topics for entrepreneurs, Lisa is obsessed with productivity and planner systems that help entrepreneurs get laser-focused on their business goals while continuing to grow in their personal lives!

Find out more about Lisa here:,
and check out her podcast here:

Join us for “Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting”

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As always, lunch for you is on you, and is paid on location. Ossiano offers a classy, warm ambience and a private setting, with delicious food and a special lunch menu for only 24$ (plus tax and tip).

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11:45AM Friday, Octember 26th, 2018

Where :

OssianoWe2 invite you to join us at Ossiano – 
16977 Trans Canada, Kirkland, Qc., Canada, H9H 5J1

16977 Trans Canada,
Kirkland, Qc., Canada, H9H 5J1
(corner St-Charles)

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