Pitch it like it’s HOT!

Make it IRRESISTIBLE! Got a biz that you KNOW people need, if you could only get in front of the RIGHT peeps? Want to pitch your talk, webinar or workshop? When you need to get in front of an engaged audience, your own – OR – someone else’s, you gotta “Pitch it Like It’s HOT!”, [...]

MINDSET – We2 Member Exclusive

Scroll down to watch the replay! MINDSET We often hear about the important role MINDSET plays in our lives, a determining factor in our success! Join the Women of We2 as we explore the power of a growth-mindset, inspired by our recent We2 BookClub book, “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. From business success to our personal [...]

The Spirit of Money – Workshop with Daniele Soare

Scroll down to watch the replay! The Key to unlocking Limiting beliefs about money & worth. Money is energy, forever flowing. It’s simply an exchange, yet the topic of money often brings feelings of shame, guilt, doubt… feelings of lack, hopelessness, or unworthiness. Underlying those feelings are limiting beliefs attached to emotions that keep us [...]

Meet John David Mann, co-author of New York Times Bestselling book The Latte Factor!

Scroll down to watch the replay! We2 private interactive webinar with John David Mann, co-author of New York Times Bestselling book The Latte Factor! Building wealth is easier than you think! Watch our Private We2 Book Club meeting with John David Mann, multi-award winning author and co-author of the Instant New York Times Bestselling Book [...]

Happy & Healthy Online Workshop

Happy & Healthy Online Workshop The road to creating an awesome life – that includes and awesome biz, of course – is multifaceted. It’s all about our actions, our plans & strategies to conquer the world – to crush our goals…but it’s also about our minds and yes – our bodies too! Cuz we got [...]

Own Your Day – Online Workshop

Imagine: Less stress. Less overwhelm. More productivity. More profits. Better results. Did you know that one hour a day, every day for a year EQUALS 9 x 40-hour work weeks? NINE. FORTY. HOUR. WORK. WEEKS. SAY WHHHAAAT!!? Yup. Crazy, right? We lose our power one little hour at a time. If you could harness the [...]