Upcoming Events

We2 Meet Claudia Nigrelli

Get ready to be unshakably inspired & confident! We2 is absolutely thrilled to welcome motivational & inspirational speaker Claudia Nigrelli on September 28th, 2018. At the tender age of seven Claudia was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa – and was told that within a year, she would lose all form of whatever vision remained. Despite numerous [...]

Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting

Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting! We2 know podcasting is hotter than ever, and with it comes an abundance of opportunities! There’s a whole untapped market for your business or niche in the podcasting world! With the proliferation of smart mobile devices and on-the-go listening trends, having your own show can help you grow [...]

Overcoming Inner Obstacles

Career goals left unfulfilled. Talents left unutilized. Ideas left unmanifested. Relationships left unexplored. Health left stagnant. There are always reasons, and really good ones. Some life situation or history blocking the best of intentions. What if we are looking in the wrong direction? What if what appears to be external, is really an internal obstacle? What [...]

Save the dates, bebe!

Save theses 2018 dates, bebe! You must be super excited to make this an absolutely WONDERTASTIC year for YOU & your BIZ! Whether you are an old school paper agenda user, or you need to pull out your phone, your google or your outlook – it makes no difference! Just do it now! Take a [...]