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Top PR Tips for Solopreneurs – To go from invisible to Visible!

Top PR Tips for Solopreneurs – To go from invisible to Visible! Are you an entrepreneur or solopreneur wondering how to get noticed, seen and heard, how to gain visibility through the jungle of information and competition? What is PR (exactly) and how can you use it to grow your business? Do you need a [...]

We2 Summer Star Bingo – Play

The SUMMER FUN begins at We2! Our very first We2 Summer Star Bingo is here! While the We2 schedule & programming may change, there’s a lot of business-building to be done! (AND Summer fun to be had)! We2 are SUPER excited to bring you our very first SUMMER STAR BINGO! :D A game to help [...]

We2 Pyjama Party!!! October 16 2019

Yay!! another We2 Pyjama Party!!! Tuck the tots into bed, grab a cup of tea – or some wine, And join the sisters of We2 for some much-needed down time! This is your mid-week pick me up, to network together, And cozy pyjamas make everything better! So, tune in at 8:30 pm, on October the [...]

Online Coffee Klatch November 20, 2019

Get RECHARGED & RE-ENERGIZED sipping your morning coffee with the girls! It’s your online networking mid-week boost, so you can slay the rest of the week, woohoo! We have networking, a special 5 minute “actionable biz tip” from a beloved We2 Member, AND a 5 minute featured Member! It’s going to be SO exciting! Get [...]

Save these 2019 Dates, Babe!

Save these dates, bebe! 2019 Calendar! There are MORE dates coming! In person events, online workshops & book club meetings! We2’ll keep you posted! You must be super excited to make this an absolutely WONDERTASTIC year for YOU & your BIZ! Whether you are an old school paper agenda user, or you need to pull [...]