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A We2 Christmakkah Karaoke!

A We2 Christmakkah Karaoke PARTY! It’s time to CELEBRATE! And this year, we’re shaking things up and letting loose for “A We2 Christmakkah Karaoke” holiday party! When: December 12th, 7 PM! (Downtown Montreal) Do you have to be a great singer? Heck no! Just a willingness to laugh and have fun with the girls! (Group [...]

I’m A Leader Now by Wayne Watson We2 Online Book Club

I’m a Leader Now by Wayne Watson – We2 Online Book Club Written for children from the ages of 4 to 99 years old, “I’m a Leader Now” is a beautifully illustrated fable that teaches determination and perseverance, leadership and teamwork! On December 16th, we’ll have the immense privilege to have a private We2 Book [...]

The Sweetest Sales Kit EVER™ with Sarena Miller

The Sweetest Sales Kit EVER YOU are here to shine. To do that thing your soul is calling you to do. And to get paid to do what you love, girl! On November 22nd Sarena’s here to help you do just that with her Sweetest Sales Kit EVER™. Sarena’s going to share something that is [...]

Save these 2019 Dates, Babe!

Save these dates, bebe! 2019 Calendar! There are MORE dates coming! In person events, online workshops & book club meetings! We2’ll keep you posted! You must be super excited to make this an absolutely WONDERTASTIC year for YOU & your BIZ! Whether you are an old school paper agenda user, or you need to pull [...]