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Self-Defense for Women!

WE2 brings you Self-Defense for Women! Learning to be mentally and physically alert and prepared means you will carry yourself differently in all areas of your life, yup…that means in business, too! Sometimes, we doubt our instincts, because we feel the need to be cooperative and because we are afraid that if we were to [...]


August is here…can you believe it? Yes, the sun still remains, but We2 know just like us, you are already thinking about back-to-school, and the fading sunlight. The snowsuits at Costco are in full display. (There should be a law). We know just like us, you are thinking, “Ugh, we had such a rainy, slow [...]

We2 Annual Picnic Party :: August 11th, 2017

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it's way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

Perfect Your Infomercial!

Do you freeze when people ask you, “So, what do you do?” I mean, you know it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about your biz, right? The one you work so hard on building! Or perhaps… standing up to give your infomercial at We2 events make your knees shake? Maybe you just feel [...]