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It’s our first ever We2 Pyjama Party!!!

Yay!! It’s our first ever We2 Pyjama Party!!! Tuck the tots into bed, grab a cup of tea – or some wine, And join the sisters of We2 for some much-needed down time! This is your mid-week pick me up, to network together, And cozy pyjamas make everything better! So, tune in at 8:30 pm, [...]

Abundance Now – Online Book Club coffee meeting!

We2 Online Book Club coffee meeting! “Abundance Now” by Lisa Nichols! You are invited to join in for our special zoom call happening this Tuesday, December 4th at 9:30 am, when We2 come together to talk about our We2 book of the month – Abundance Now! Whether you read the book, some of it or [...]

Celebrate the season with We2

December 14th Celebrate with We2 Hardy, hardy, We2 like to PARTY! Our HOLIDAY LUNCHEON will be help at Ossiano, from 11:30 to 2:30! This will be a celebration! A chance to just have fun with the girls! No infomercials, no agenda except fun, fun, fun… (Bring your biz cards, of course). Dress in your Holiday [...]

Save the dates, bebe!

Save theses 2018 dates, bebe! You must be super excited to make this an absolutely WONDERTASTIC year for YOU & your BIZ! Whether you are an old school paper agenda user, or you need to pull out your phone, your google or your outlook – it makes no difference! Just do it now! Take a [...]