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If you are an entrepreneur, artist or professional woman, if you are looking to turn your hobby into an income stream or take your business to the next level…you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are seasoned, just starting out or simply seeking inspiration we invite you to join our thriving community to learn, grow and connect.

Enjoy uplifting events, workshops, resources, tools and unparalleled business-building programs so you can kick it into high gear, create a business that booms and live an inspired life.

Special guests and speakers cover everything from developing a success mindset, busting fear, marketing, branding, social media & blogging, sales, managing clients, productivity, time & scheduling, and legal 101.

Yes, business is about
brains and branding,
strategy and systems
– and we cover all that great stuff!

But it’s also about heart, spirit and body.

As women, we also juggle
families and other responsibilities.

So we touch on topics like trusting your intuition, de-cluttering, health and balance, lifestyle and more!

We2® is committed to bringing you what you need to thrive!
The best part… it’s all done in a supportive and encouraging setting… our wonderful We2® community.

We2® is about more than business. It’s about you.

You don’t need to “go it alone”

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes get lonely. It’s just us and a screen, a brilliant idea or two… or three. The We2® community provides an occasional escape and often a new outlook.

Make face-to-face connections and develop relationships that last with in-person workshops, outings and networking events that are SO chock-full-of quality content and so much more than a business card grab.
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The dynamic engagement, the uplifting “YOU CAN DO THIS” encouragement are just some of the things that people love about We2®! Our thriving community is warm and welcoming. Some of the best friendships have been made through We2®.

From the first event, you will see the We2® difference.


With a beautiful history of over a decade and awesome track record, We2® became the # 1 resource in Montreal for women in business who want to learn and grow personally and professionally, while networking with other dynamic, like-minded women.

Now, wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from We2®, by joining our tribe.

With so many chances to connect and do business online, possibilities are endless.

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Like us, you know that building anything worthwhile has it’s ups and downs, but that every setback every challenge, every obstacle, is a chance to get better… to come back swinging.

That together, with the power and support of friends – of community – we can achieve business success much faster than going it alone!

You believe that business doesn’t have to be boring! That business should be fun…an expression of joy, love and service.

If you love to laugh and get the occasional hi-five, (Yes, cheesy as it sounds, we still love giving hi-fives).

You know that there is no time like “now”. You are ready to make the most of your business and your life…and love the idea of doing it with other like-minded women blazing trails.

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