We2 Photo day Nov 18, 2015

We2 is bringing back PHOTO DAY!

(‘Cause you’re gonna get googled)

What happens when you make a connection for a prospect or client?
You’re gonna get googled!
If your Facebook photo is flat, your Twitter pic is the pits, if your LinkedIn profile is lame, if you are using a cropped version from that crazy night at your cousin’s wedding because it’s the best one you have…

Perhaps you are just ready to finally show the world just how WONDERFUL you are…

Maybe it’s time for an update, time to gear up for a fabulous 2016 and come out swinging!

  • If your photo doesn’t captivate, intrigue, engage, instill TRUST, or have that “YES” factor…or if it plants just a seed of doubt in somebody’s mind… what can that mean?
  • If you land that gig or secure that client because you look the part..you walk the talk…what can that mean? Hundreds? Thousands?

For your site, for social media and marketing, for your business cards, you need a photo that shows the world how credible, professional and unique you are! This is no luxury, it’s a necessity!

We are so pleased to be able to bring you a very special day with Photographer Extraordinaire, Wanda Malfara!

Her one of a kind ability to bring out and capture the true inner and outer beauty – the essence of women – is incomparable.

Wanda is an artist, with a paintbrush, with her camera, in her soul…and on November 18th you will have a chance to have a session with her!

You are receiving this exclusive invitation because you have it marked on our We2 sheets at in-person events, and will have first grab at a spot.

Time & Spots are limited!

(In 48 hours We2 will send out the invitation to all, and when they are gone…they’re gone).

What’s included?

  • 2 portraits completely & masterfully captured, curated and edited, then sent to you in a digital file so you can use (and print) as many as you like! Sweet!
  • A fun day full of networking and lots of goodies to eat and drink (and maybe a little surprise or two). 😉

You don’t have to stay the whole day…but you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

How it works:

This is a first-come first-served basis.

When you are ready to grab your spot, simply head on over to the “pay now” button just a little below.

Once you are there, it will have a drop down menu that will allow you to choose your time slot.

Please act quickly to ensure you get your preferred time!

Then, pay! Easy peasy lemon Squeezy!

Those who register will receive a special guide and FAQ to help maximize their photo day!


If you offer makeup services or any kind of accessories that you would like to display, we will have up to 4 tables available!
If you are interested in learning more please send an please send an email

Are you a current We2 Member or will you be our guest?
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