Weekly Wisdom

Tip # 2 Be Patient. It’s not only a virtue, it’s a smart business decision! Networking can be one of the most fun and rewarding things we do to grow our business. There is nothing quite like the connection that is made when we are face to face. Yes, things can happen quickly! We2 love [...]

In a talk entitled : “Make Networking Work for YOU” I recently shared some of my best insights on how to make the most of networking and the principles that I have seen work time and again through my own experience, and through all I have seen manifest in the almost 8 years of We2. [...]

“Life is a game that cannot be won or lost, only played”. In my training to become a coach, I learned life principles. Life Principles are non-judgmental, objective rules that you live by every day. They are the posts we see often on Facebook with nice pictures, very inspirational. We read them, think nice things [...]

THIS SPRING: BE LIGHT Did you know that you don’t have to board a plane to feel like you are away? Just wear something from a trip you loved and you will be there in a second! Escaping to paradise is a state of mind that does not require complex travel plans. Here is an [...]

I ‘ve been in the coaching business all my life (like all of us! :) ) but in the past 3 years, I’ve taken it to the next level by opening my own ICF accredited coaching school. One basic skill we teach new students is to acknowledge and validate their clients as often as they [...]

THIS SPRING: BE SPARKLY Look fabulous with a quick styling solution: it only takes one sequined piece to get your clothes into party mode! Here is a gorgeous combination that will help you create a festive outfit without having to shop for a whole new wardrobe. Part 2 in a Series called “THIS SPRING” Enjoyed [...]

THIS SPRING: BE COLORFUL Do you always wear your suits as sets? It’s time to re-think this dressing habit! Here is a fun way to break up a suit and transform your blazer from traditional to creative. Express your inner artist by wearing this effortless combo everywhere… Part 1 in a Series called “THIS SPRING” [...]

Why do people feel awkward or even guilty of celebrating their successes, whether they are small or big? Perhaps we feel we don’t deserve it or that we can “do more” or we say to ourselves “I’ll celebrate when…XYZ” and the “when XYZ” never comes… March 1st 2013 was a BIG day for me. This [...]

DEVOTED TO DENIM: MOVIES Going to the movies just got a bit more stylish. Wear bold accessories (I mean eye-catching clutches + earrings and shiny tops), et voilà! Whether you are planning a night out in the town or a romantic dinner, this cool outfit is destined to turn heads and impress your date… Part [...]

DEVOTED TO DENIM: COCKTAILS Looking for a dressy outfit that enhances your shape, feels good and make you stand out from the crowd — all while giving you a boost of confidence? Here is an attractive combo that you can put together in less than 10 minutes… Part 2 in a Series called “DEVOTED TO [...]

DEVOTED TO DENIM: WORK If you’re short on cash or feel that you have nothing to wear to the office, here is a fabulous outfit idea that may come in handy when overspending is not an option. Shop your closet to replicate this look by mixing what you already own with your favourite jeans… Part [...]

I started the New Year with a new morning routine. A routine of setting my intention for the day in order to send out the energy I want to achieve my goals… WOW that thing WORKS! Let’s first look at what is an intention: An intention is a message you are telling yourself for the [...]

I finally “got” what the word “choice” or “choosing” really means. I am not talking about intellectually knowing, because we all understand that…it’s more the feeling of choosing. Choosing is a way of being. To get there, massive growth was required to unmask the fears hiding deep in the abyss that were pushing me to [...]

“Top achievers are nor perfectionists but improvisers”From “The Opus” movie Decide on your goal, have a dream and start taking actions towards achieving it. Top achievers learn on the go and by trial and error. You don’t need to wait until you know everything to get started. The most important is that you start. Keep [...]

“I have confidence in myself”… or so I thought…! Repetitively in my life, I asked myself deep questions, reflected on my values and what I stand for. Self-confidence was always one of them. I was pretty confident I had that one down (obviously!), meaning living by it… or so I thought! To my big surprise, [...]

Did you ever heard the line “it’s not about the destination but about the journey itself” When Thomas Edison was asked about his several attempts to invent the light bulb, he replied: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Here’s what I read in an article at the “Motivated” magazine. [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 6. BUY HIGH WAIST JEANS Avoid low-cut jeans, they add bulk to your midsection and originate the “muffin top look.” Instead go for high-waist styles that will hold everything in. Pants that are cut just below the navel are flattering for most women. Dark denim washes are more slimming and dressier than [...]

I recently found myself in a situation where my core values were challenged and put to the test; my life principles questioned… I’ve rarely felt inadequate or taken by surprise but this was one of those moments. I was so surprised by the action of another person that I was confused and unable to think [...]

On my birthday, as I was walking out of the library; a lady approach me and asked me humbly to drive her home. She looked lost and her appearance wasn’t appealing. This may sound like an inoffensive request for some of you but for someone who was born in South America and lived in the [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 5. GET ATTRACTIVE SHOES You can be wearing the most elegant outfit but if your footwear style looks cheap, outdated or inappropriate, you are sure to damage your business image by creating a negative first impression. There are so many comfortable and feminine shoe choices available in the market today, there is [...]

What kind of thoughts have you ever given about the “right” questions? Here’s a new perspective that will help you in business and in life… We often talk about the “right” questions thinking “good or bad.” What if the “right” questions would be questions meant to stimulate the right part of your brain? They are [...]

Choose a goal that is big enough to excite you but small enough that you believe you will get it. Did you ever hear the line “Have big goals, dream bigger”? This approach can fail you on your way. Why? Because in order to have the law of attraction working on your favor you need [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 4. INVEST IN TAILORED CLOTHES They show off the best assets of your body. Avoid pieces that reveal too much skin, are too short, form-fitting or big. If you want to be up-to-date, pair a dark solid bottom with a scoop neck top a glamorous chunky necklace – it highlights the face [...]

We, consist of four bodies: the physical body, the spiritual body, the mental body and the emotional body. For our bodies to operate and feel at their best level; they need to have the proper care. For example: The physical body needs healthy food, physical activity; good air, quality products and rest. The mental body [...]

2012 has been a big year of personal growth for me. Owning my coaching school brought me to face fears I did not know I had. Starting this exciting adventure, I felt like a warrior going to battle all pumped up and ready to fight! I was taking on new challenges, the first to rise [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 3. TAKE TIME FOR GROOMING A manicure, pedicure and well-shaped eyebrows are a must for any age. Their maintenance is essential to project a confident image. Keep in mind that the same rule applies to your makeup; invest in a good concealer, blush and moisturizing foundation. Part 3 in a Series called [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 2. WEAR NEUTRAL COLOURS Less is more! Some colours and prints can make you look youthful while others can drain your livelihood. Old looking prints and brighter colours have the power to age a tired face. Instead wear colours in blocks (solids rather than bright patterns). Also shop for black, gray and [...]

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? Either if you believe it or not, it works. It’s a law, like the law of gravity; you don’t need to believe it. It just works. Our brain is a transmitter. It sends and receives electromagnetic waves, called frequencies. By the law of attraction we receive the [...]

My word of the year which lead me to a massive growth period… Most of us associate trust with trusting others, sometimes we relate it to trusting ourselves. Trust is much bigger than that. When we fully trust the Universe, we know that a situation or an event happens because it’s part of our growth. [...]

DRESS YOUR AGE 1. AVOID BOWS AND RIBBONS Once you crossed your 30s, girly details can sabotage your image. When you wear anything too sweet or too pink, it gives out the impression you haven’t reached maturity and deep inside wish to be a teenager again. You can still wear a ruffled top as long [...]

What do you do when the glass of milk falls from the table? You go to the kitchen, grab some towel paper, clean it and continue with your day. If you leave it, it will stink. What do you do when a loved one hurt your feelings? Or when a friend upsets you terribly? You [...]

The decision is to give our back to what we don’t want and focus on what we DO want. Sounds simple, yet we tend to fail in its implementation. The habit of negative self-talk, judging and complaining is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. At first we need to remind ourselves and make a conscious [...]

The most affordable way to have a new look is to mix and match the clothes you already own. Grab fashion magazines or visit websites and select images of clothes you would love to wear. Choose a basic item. How many looks can you get with one pair of jeans? Study the picture, get into [...]

If you work from 9 to 5, you likely have more than five pairs of shoes. Do you keep them stored in paper boxes? Have you ever forgotten shoes you have just because you couldn’t find them? This is bound to happen when you don’t see what you have. Avoid this unnecessary stress by leaving [...]

What do I mean when I say that successful people have character? This means “Following through on a decision long after the excitement and the emotion of the moment has passed”. That is a statement to reflect on… As a self-employed woman you must have been in a situation in which you made a decision [...]

A neat closet is sure to brighten your day and lift your spirit. All you have to do is apply the same organizing principles of a retail store: sort, categorize and group everything by colour. If your closet is small or loaded with stuff, I suggest you grab all its contents and lay on the [...]

Two men are chopping wood in the forest. The first one works 12 hours nonstop. The second man works for 6 hours. At the end of the day, the first man says to the other one “I don’t understand how did you managed to chop twice as much as me; while I worked for 12 [...]

Did you know that we end up wearing only 20% of what we buy? Think about it. You always wear your favourite pieces while everything else sits in your closet. There is no reason for keeping garments just because their style may be back in fashion one day or they were too expensive. Soon you [...]

“Expectations are the basis of guilt and shame and judgment and they provide the essential framework that promotes performance as the basis for identity and value. People try to control behaviour largely through expectations” – from the book “The Shack” Either consciously or unconsciously we put expectation in every relationship and everything we do. If [...]

Have you gained or lost weight? Your body has changed but you insist on keeping clothes from your previous body or the one you will have in the future. Be realistic about your figure and accept your current shape. If you won anything too tight, too short or too big and you see these items [...]

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein Have you ever reflected on the difference between Pain and Suffer? Pain is part of life. It is a fact and it is not optional. Suffering on the other hand, is totally optional; we have the ability to control it. I believe that we, as [...]

Your First Experience with Money-have you thought about it? Perhaps it involved a tooth fairy or a lemonade stand… these are early moments in our life when money comes into play! Have you ever thought about your first experience with money? It is an important question. When meeting with clients for the first time, I [...]

With the back to school vibe in the air, our senses are attuned to organization and routine. Those whimsical days of summer are a memory and the focus is on getting the job (or jobs!) Done! For many, budgeting and tracking one’s spending is often a line on the to-do list that never seems to [...]

Picture this. You are driving on your way home and you start thinking about your “to do” list. The house, supper, the kids, the cookies for the baking sale, emails, clients, etc. All of the sudden you experience an unpleasant feeling of overwhelming and stress….sounds familiar? As you recognize the feeling, cease your thinking and [...]

5 Strategies to solve your wardrobe dilemmas 5. SHOP AHEAD Don’t wait until the last minute to find something to wear. Be proactive. Discover what you need to wear for the event or meeting and block time on your agenda to hit the stores. When you shop in advance, you are less inclined to end [...]

We have all heard about the importance of creating a vision board when working on achieving your goals. A vision board is a collage of pictures that represent your long and short term goals.  Most vision boards have a photo of the house you want to live, the car you want to drive, the places [...]

5 Strategies to solve your wardrobe dilemmas 4. MAKE A LIST Avoid shopping without a list. It’s just like grocery shopping; have you ever gone to the supermarket without checking out your fridge? Before venturing to the mall, stop by your closet and review the pieces you already have and write down the ones you [...]

If you start listening to yourself your inner voice finds an audience in you. As a result the outer voices don’t matter as much as before. When you are not concern about how you are seen by others, a state of inner peace emerges in you.  When you are peaceful you are happy indeed. When [...]

If you are undergoing a rough patch, try not to let the emotions affect you beyond a certain degree. Live it gracefully knowing it is not going to last forever, likewise when you are going through a good phase, it also doesn’t last forever. Good or bad, if you have done it once, you can [...]

Your words have a powerful impact in you and the entire universe. It has been clinically proven that words not only affect your brain activity but your heart activity as well. Choose your words carefully.  Don’t blame yourself for your mistakes. Don’t blame others for their mistakes. When you say “I was so stupid, how [...]

5 Strategies to solve your wardrobe dilemmas 3. CREATE A LOOKBOOK What looks attract the most compliments? Take pictures of them. Print each image and put together a feel-good-lookbook. Leave it by your closet for daily reference. It can be a valuable resource when you don’t know what to wear and need to think of [...]

As women, we are wired to do a million things at once. So how do we stay focused to accomplish the task or project at hand? Answer: alignment of the S.M.E.P.… Your passion and purpose (spiritual alignment) which allows you to have the brain power to focus on what needs to be accomplished (mental alignment), [...]

Here is a quote I read not long ago and wanted to share it with you. “If work is becoming uninteresting, so are you! Work is an inanimate thing and can be made lively and interesting only by injecting yourself into it. Your job is only as big as you are.” – George C. Hubbs [...]

5 Strategies to solve your wardrobe dilemmas 2. GET ORGANIZED Think like a retail store manager. Group your wardrobe by category: blouses, blazers, skirts, dresses, pants, shoes, handbags, bags, belts, necklaces, earrings. Assign a specific location to display each one of them. Once everything is organized and visible, it will be easy to find whatever [...]

How are your manifestations working for you? Our experiences in life are a direct reflection of our inner world. In other words, we manifest in the outer world what we have within ourselves. Genuine change happens when we agree to take full responsibility and to stop blaming everyone for what happens in our life. It [...]

5. LAY YOUR CHOICES ON THE BED A must-do-packing-exercise before closing your luggage. It encourages you to visualize every outfit possibility, review your pre-selection and the best of all: edit out the nonessentials. Part 5 in a Series “PACK SMART: 5 rules to travel light and look great” Enjoyed Part 5? Take a moment to [...]

“If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t you will find an excuse” – Martin Luther King What are the actions that you need to take todayto move toward your goal? Pick at least two activities to do every day which will get you closer to your goal. [...]

What do you think about the following saying? “I’ll believe it when I see it”? I bet many of you paused to really think about it… How does it impact your business? How does it stop you from moving forward? Confused? We now know that we have to see things first. See it in our [...]

4. THINK SMALL OVER BIG The secret is to pack garments and accessories that keep you warm without adding bulk. For example, a chunky sweater takes over a lot of room. Instead, choose a thin cardigan that serves the same purpose and can multiply your luggage space. Part 4 in a Series “PACK SMART: 5 [...]

When working on your goals, always focus on both levels, conscious and subconscious. Why is it so important? The subconscious mind is where your beliefs about yourself and life are stored. Sometimes our beliefs sabotage our efforts to achieve our goal. You may be doing all the right things but for some reason your dream [...]

As entrepreneurs, how often do we seek training to excel in every aspect of our business? Have you ever asked yourself how much energy you put into improving skills in an area you naturally don’t excel in? How frustrating is it to constantly work on improving our weaknesses? How about focusing on your strength? You’ll [...]

3. LIMIT SHOES TO THREE PAIRS Wear one pair and pack the other two. Regardless of how long your trip is, follow this rule as the success of your vacation depends on it. It may sound impossible at first, just practice this rule until it becomes a natural habit. Part 3 in a Series “PACK [...]

As entrepreneurs we are constantly driven toward achieving results. This is a great quality and a must in the business world.  As long as the growing process is not too painful and you see satisfactory results you can be sure to be on the right track. But sometimes we go out of our way to [...]

As an expert in your field, how often do you procrastinate a task or project by fear of failure or fear of success? The fear is created by a core thought that was born from a past experience which had a major impact on us. In order to protect us from being hurt, a little [...]

2. MIX & MATCH EVERYTHING All the items should work well together and support the activities you have planned during your trip. Choose basic pieces in a neutral color palette that guarantee endless wardrobe combinations. Part 2 in a Series “PACK SMART: 5 rules to travel light and look great” Enjoyed Part 2? Come back [...]

Leaders are the one with the vision, the passion. They set the tone and the way for others to follow. The managers are the one applying the vision, they set rules and policies. In business today, it is crucial, especially as entrepreneurs, to be great leaders, being on top of the evolving market is a [...]

For him it’s about being practical. If needs are met, there’s no reason to complain. But when needs are not met, then stress comes to the door. Mostly, men’s needs are around goals setting and meeting targets. For men, conversations of the heart don’t have a purpose in general but if they help meet an unfulfilled [...]

  PACK SMART: 5 rules to travel light and look great Whether your trip is two days or two weeks, the challenge is to bring what you need without packing your entire wardrobe. Here is how you can pack light and simplify your life: 1. BRING WHAT YOU LOVE This is not the time to [...]

How often do we say “I made a mistake!” is there such thing as a “mistake”; do you really start something knowing you are about to “make a mistake”? We label things as “mistakes” because the outcome is not what we expected and not what we wanted. We judge and label the outcome. No one [...]

“You have to become the change that you want to see in the world – M. Ghandi To attract iron, you must become a magnet, to attract bees; you need to become a flower. The law of attraction is a simple concept to follow. We get back what we give to others….think about it. You [...]

5 Strategies to solve your wardrobe dilemmas Ever been faced with the situation where you are invited to attend a party or a business meeting, and you go to your closet and find nothing to wear? How do you feel? Anxious? Stressed? Well, you’re not alone. Sooner or later, your family, friends or work environment [...]

Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend – Robert Shemin When we consciously choose not to focus on what is missing in our lives but to be grateful for the blessings that we have –love, health, family, friends, [...]

How often do your expectations “run you”? Many of us set expectations in our business (ex.: expect success within 1 yr. of opening or expect to nail this contract, etc) or in life in general. When those expectations aren’t met, we often get frustrated, disappointed or we lose confidence in ourselves. This is due to [...]

We hear it often, he or she is high maintenance…! For some, maintenance is a given, part of one’s routine and an ongoing project. It can take the form of physical upkeep, intellectual betterment or trying to achieve balance in life. Often the phrase denotes a negative connotation; however, for the most part I believe [...]

7. Create A Positive Online ImageKeep in mind that in today’s social media reality; first impressions have already been made through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter even before you meet someone. What you publish on the internet for the world to see can build or kill your reputation. Avoid posting words or pictures that will [...]

Feeling unproductive with a lot of “to dos”? I had a day, not long ago, where I felt totally unproductive, where everything I “had to do” was a burden, everything felt like a heavy weight. I choose to try something different; listening to myself. I cancelled everything on my agenda!!! Woo! Hoo! What a breath [...]

6. SPEAK TO INSPIREOpportunity always finds those who focus on possibilities, not limitations. Differentiate yourself from the complaining crowd by choosing words and actions that motivate others to be more. Lead without a title and you will be regarded as a valuable asset. Negativity in any shape or form will stop you from connecting with [...]

Most of us have chosen the entrepreneurial path because we’ve found something that we are passionate about and more often than not, it’s something that we believe is helpful to others.  Whether we offer a product that improves health, a service that helps to grow business or our experience negotiating certain transactions.  We’re in it [...]

What differentiates us from animals? Awareness, the power and the freedom to choose. There is an “empty space”, between stimulus (when an event happens or something is said) and response (your reaction to the event or what was said) where we can stop and ask ourselves how we want to handle the situation. In business, [...]

5. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY POSTUREHow many times have you seen people sitting, walking or standing weird and felt bad for them? Cultivating a good posture instantly improves your appearance and makes you look more appealing and confident. It also facilitates your breathing and increases concentration. Part 5 in a Series on “7 easy steps to [...]

Can you remember making a major decision based on your guts feeling? I know we were raised to think things through; it’s a strong and stubborn habit. But can you remember making a major decision based on your guts feeling? Just because you felt it, without even thinking about it? How did you feel after? [...]

What is your behaviour based on; your feelings or your values? How does it affect your business? When we base our behaviour on our feelings, we become reactive and have no control. This is preventing us from seeing a solution which makes us feel even more trapped! As a business owner, this can be deadly [...]

Many are fearful of the time commitment that blogging involves.  While it is certain that the posts won’t write themselves, YOU set your schedule.  If you feel you can only blog once per week, that’s ok. If you feel you can blog once per month, that’s ok, too. I would suggest that weekly might be [...]

Are you emotionally driven or Value driven? How often do you wake up in the morning and are in a crappy mood because it’s raining, snowing or “slushing”? How often are you influenced by the weather? Or are you the kind of person who wakes up happy no matter what the weather is like? If [...]

Sometimes we feel like victims, sometimes we call it “bad luck” but the truth is we got caught in a “reactive mode”. Luckily it’s in our own hands to pull ourselves out and change the perception of what life is bringing to us. For an instant relief, do something for yourself. Any gesture that will [...]

4. PAY ATTENTION TO GROOMING Small details can also compromise your overall image: the hem on your pants coming down, underarm shirt stains, visible bras or panty lines, clothes with holes. Develop a constant routine to care for your hair, nails and teeth that will help you look always polished. Part 4 in a Series [...]

Blogging regularly with relevant and helpful content helps to establish a brand. Whether it’s your personal brand of YOU or the brand name of your company, every time a post is read or seen, your brand is reinforced. If the content you posted actually helps someone, your brand is significantly reinforced. When the time comes [...]

3. CHOOSE FLATTERING COLORS & SHAPES We associate colors and shapes with many things: age (young or old), mood (happy or sad) and temperature (hot or cold). They stimulate our senses. We come in different bodies and skin tones, not all clothing styles and colors will enhance your appearance. If it doesn’t fit – don’t [...]

How well do you lead? What is leadership? First of all, we all lead. The question is how well do you lead? Leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire not only others but yourself to take positive and purposeful action that leads to success. In order to inspire and motivate, you need to be [...]

This simple 1 2 3 exercise can help you make the right decision no matter where you are. Picture this: you are in the middle of a busy crazy day and you need to make a decision. You decide to follow your heart on this one, but your mind is making so much noise that [...]

2. WEAR SHOES THAT WOWYour feet have seen better days. You look great… from the ankles up. Imagine you are making the line up of an exclusive VIP club, what is the first thing the doorman will look at to let you in? Your shoes!!! If they are worn out or inappropriate, you are out!!! [...]

How many of us feel like the day starts when the kids go to sleep? I do. Finally I have time to myself, quality time with my partner, time with facebook/ twitter. Every hour that you sleep before midnight counts as two and the optimal hour to go to sleep is 22:00. Make this a [...]

What makes a company stand out, grow, succeed and last? Answer: Having a clear Mission and clear Vision. What is the difference? The Mission is what drives you and the company, the purpose. A Mission is based on core values. If you’re inspired by your mission, your employees and/or clients will too. A Vision is [...]

You will often hear that you should be your REAL, AUTHENTIC self online. I couldn’t agree more. This does NOT mean you should reveal EVERY aspect of your personal life online. In fact, I discourage it. It means that you should be your true self as it relates to what you are trying to achieve [...]

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”If your clothes could talk – what are they really saying? Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate yourself… Be brutally honest! Do you look professional or sloppy? Credible or unreliable? Organized or messy? Dressing is a non-verbal-language. According to the pioneering research of [...]

Alchemy is the science of transmuting metals into gold. I like to see human transformation as alchemy too. Why? Because by acknowledging, accepting and facing our feelings, we can transform pain into freedom and peace. I like to use “the journey to emotional freedom” process as my poison to facilitate the change. To read more [...]

Questions to ask Yourself About Your Portfolio. What type of investment vehicle(s) do I own? Examples include: mutual funds, individual securities, insurance products, a managed account. What is the underlying investment or asset within these vehicles? Canadian stocks, real estate, government bonds to name a few… What has been the Rate of Return on my [...]

Social Media gives companies the ability to find out what people are saying about their brand. THAT is some pretty powerful information. In the past, it would be very difficult for brands to hear what people were saying about them at the coffee shop or in the school yard. So brands often didn’t always know [...]

When I started writing these blogs I said to myself, I really want to “do well”. This is an amazing opportunity and I want to nail it. So I started writing the blogs, the first 2 blogs took me 3 hours to write… Needless to say I was discouraged… I so wanted to do well! [...]

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