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The Recipe is a story about life, love, food & yes…business!. I want to tell you about an awesome new book coming out (and we are having a giveaway, YAY!!!) The Recipe by New York Times Best Selling author John David Mann is being hailed as “an instant classic” by achievers like George Forman, praised [...]

We2 Wisdom guest post by We2 Member Irene Andrejczuk. How a Service Manager can save your Life What I am about to share with you isn’t new, but what you can do about it is. This is a story about a woman – could this be you? Late one Tuesday evening she was headed home [...]

The myth making good entrepreneurs feel so bad. The feeling is palpable. More bitter than sweet. And not the arugula or dark chocolate kind of bitter. The “don’t eat those poison berries” kinda bitter. Tired. Feeling like here just aren’t enough hours in the day. Maybe you’ve done the first round of E-mail or Facebook [...]

Hear that beat? When you wake in the morning, as you wipe away the sleepies and prepare to make another day awesome….what’s playing in your mind? Is it Vivaldi’s Spring, the William Tell overture (we all know as that “Morning Song”)? Maybe some days it’s “Walking on Sunshine” – and others the Darth Vader theme. [...]

We2 Wisdom guest post by We2 Member Lesia Prystupa. Your Clothes Tell All Success Is All About Choice, Fit and Finish Have you ever noticed a person wearing a simple shirt, sunglasses, nothing special in terms of any particular accessory and looked fabulous, while another might have spent a significant amount of money and effort [...]

Does your business pass the Buterfly Test? I love sharing thoughts and wisdom with my peeps to help them grow their biz. Reaching out through writing is a GREAT way to really connect with your audience, and yes…build a larger one. I will also be the first to admit, when it comes to sharing with [...]

We2 Wisdom guest post by We2 Member Cathy Cochrane. More Energy in Minutes We may have never met, but I know one thing: you do too much. The stuff you juggle in your business is mind-boggling, nevermind house, husband, kids, parents… But you’re tired, you’re exhausted and that mid-afternoon slump hits like a ton of [...]

Mother Nature has her own plans…and sometimes those plans involve rain. As an entrepreneur, one of the major driving forces that make us do what we do is control; whether it is the idea of controlling our own destiny or our daily schedules. It is understanding the minute differences between the things we can and [...]

The trick to measuring your results When building a business, sometimes it can feel like things are taking fooorrreevvvveeeerrrr. You published a blog, you went on facebook and said hello to your group, posted a fab quote, you made a new LinkedIn connection. You feel like you are working hard, you put out the energy. [...]

Giving is profitable. And there is no better person to explore this time-tested and true business principle than with the original Go-Giver himself; world renown speaker and best-selling author, Mr. Bob Burg. I had a chance to interview Bob for our relaunch of Wisdom the show, where Bob shares his wisdom on how to attract [...]

7:30 am, doggy in tow, Eric by my side, I open the door and the first thing that hits me…the thick, humid air – like a punch in the face. Glorious! Ah, Montreal summers…we do not complain but revel in the strength of the beams warming our bones, for we know all too soon when [...]

Maybe this has happened to you before? I recently made a specific commitment to my craft by painting something quickly everyday, for about a half hour. I started by finding a fascinating watercolour portrait, and decided to copy as best I could for 7 days. The first day Seemed pretty good. Following with swift brush [...]

Themes and patterns always present themselves as if by divine magic. Maybe it is about seeking them out, and believing that the purpose – the message – is always there, you just have to find it. The lesson that so clearly jumps out at me this week is about our own unique voice! Discovering who [...]

Stick your head above the crowd and you’ll get hit with tomatoes!! Good thing I REALLY love ketchup! Having spent most of my “adult” education studying Fine Arts and Philosophy (literally the love of questions) I guess you can say it has always been a quest for truth. I have learned to ask questions. Learned [...]