Finding the Rainbow in your biz. Growing and maintaining a business can sometimes feel like navigating stormy weather. There can be disorienting fog, blinding rain and even destructive hurricanes. But there are always rainbows to be found. Let me help you find a magically simple way to access the rainbow for your business and a [...]

We2 Celebrates International Women’s Day! March 8th at We2 Vaudreuil A special celebration of women and the power of women coming together! We are going to have more time to share about ourselves and our businesses! Sweet! In the spirit of this special day, we’d also love for you to share with us: One woman [...]

November 9th at We2 Vaudreuil We have a special speaker who is going to share her vast knowledge with us around the art of writing! All of us We2 members are obviously passionate about what we do as a living in the service of others, but is that message clearly being conveyed to others? So [...]

Are you ready for the next We2 Dating Game? We have something very special planned for you on March 10th, and we are going to have a blast getting to know each other! We do business with people we know, like and trust, what better way to get to know, like and trust your Fellow [...]

We all need more Time and Freedom… but when we attempt to put it into practice we face challenges such as overwhelm, procrastination, unexpected situations, lack of motivation and much more. Many of you may already know what you need to do – but putting it in practice may be challenging. Sometimes, you may even [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: October 14th, 2016 :: Vaudreuil Got a project you’re excited about? Launching something new for your biz this year? We2 wants to know what you are working on this year! Kick off the back-to-business season with pure networking to share & connect with more people, and extra time to tell us what [...]

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it’s way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

Conscious entrepreneurship evolved Each of us is here to do something unique. A purpose. A raison d’etre. It has always been my deep belief that life itself is a work of art. That every aspect of it should hold true to your values and beliefs, including the work we do each and every day. For [...]

Our special We2 games are simply the Bomb! Now is YOUR time to shine! We2 Wildcard Game How it works: We’ll have We2 Wildcard spots, (that could be you) and we’ll highlight the lucky participants for that day! Help the audience get to know more about you and your business. Think of it as a [...]

Imagine being able to build an empire from your cell phone… For somebody who started her very first business before there was Facebook or Twitter, I am still amazed at the incredible power that is right at our fingertips, the power to build an online empire and work with incredible people from all over the [...]

Master your authentic voice on Feb 12! Imagine saying what you really mean and presenting it well…Do you struggle finding the right words at the right time? Finding and mastering our authentic voice can be liberating, help you feel more fulfilled and confident in all aspects of your life and relationships. And yes, mastering your [...]

We2 Members & Friends Holiday Party !!! The time has come to celebrate! Share in the merriment as “We2” gather together to share the company of our good friends over a lovely meal. Celebrate the season, celebrate our accomplishments and celebrate each other! Come dressed up to dazzle & let your hair down! Of course, [...]

The Holly-Dayest Fair Around! Our Sixth Anniversary! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” We2 are so excited to bring you another year of good friends and good cheer to celebrate the season of giving at our annual Holiday Networking EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! We2 aims to delight you this holiday season! Our extravaganza is so much [...]

Playing BIG in a Boy’s Club As one of the first women on the Toronto Stock Exchange floor, Danièle Soaré is no stranger to playing big in what was traditionally a Boy’s Club. Soulful, always smiling, clever and full of wisdom, Danièle is the perfect mix of heart and brains, and on November 13th she [...]

Calling all heart-centered entrepreneurs seeking deeper connections & larger paycheck! HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL within your business?! How do you want to FEEL when you look at your schedule for the week? When you get dressed in the morning? When you walk through the door of your studio or office? How do you [...]

The Secrets of an Executive Coach… How you can find meaning, avoid mistakes and create magic through your business everyday! With Corry Robertson Corry will share valuable insight on how to build your business by connecting to your authentic self so that your work makes you stronger and more successful. Corry will also open her [...]

Cultivating Resilience in Business, Work and Life At some point in our lives or our work, we are faced with crisis, loss, a need or strong desire to make a significant shift. At this point, we have the choice to sink or swim. Research has shown that it is the quality of ‘resilience’ that not [...]

The Essence and Essentials of Early Entrepreneurship Most people we know have simple enough goals in life: to work for themselves, spend their time doing what they love and make a comfortable living doing it. Seems easy enough, right? But trying to figure it all out by yourself can sometimes be overwhelming, isolating and daunting, [...]

Mastery :: The Path to Success Turn your direction around and propel yourself into empowerment and mastery. Wake up to your own true potential. On the World Wide Web they say that there are 3 kinds of people in business. There are the heart-dominant entrepreneurs which are distinguished by their passion — their personal drive [...]

How to use public speaking in extraordinary ways to connect deeply with your audience, showcase your expertise, and build your business. These days, it’s no longer enough to be a “good” speaker, or to just “get through it.” You need to be able to express yourself with complete confidence. You need to know how you’re [...]

Do you believe you have a higher purpose in life? Is there something holding you back? There is no such thing as “luck” in life — opportunities are always there, you just have to be ready to embrace them! Sherry Nash, will present a 3 step process that will help you open up to your [...]

How to Position Yourself as an Expert We2 Ladies Luncheon For most entrepreneurs, we not only have a desire to build a strong business, we have great gifts and more knowledge than we even realize. Knowledge and experience that we can tap into and share with the world, to help many people..and in so doing… [...]

De-clutter Your Life – Live Your Passion & Greater Vision With Marion Elliot So many of us lead busy, productive lives, but know that our heart-felt vision has not come true. The clutter and cacophony of our lives divert us from our deeper goals. Marion shows the sneaky means that lets life get in the [...]

We2 Meet™ for Breakfast in Vaudreuil! Mark your calendar now! Would you like to receive updates about this event? Be sure to sign up to We2-Mail™ Here When: Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 7:00 am Where : Chez Cora Vaudreuil-Dorion Address: 84 Boulevard Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc., Canada, J7V 1X8 Price : 25$ Members 30 $ Guests [...]