November 9th at We2 Vaudreuil We have a special speaker who is going to share her vast knowledge with us around the art of writing! All of us We2 members are obviously passionate about what we do as a living in the service of others, but is that message clearly being conveyed to others? So [...]

Cultivating Confidence :: November 25th, 2016 :: West Island Imagine feeling much more confident about the work that you do, more confident with the rates you charge…confident about your own value and worth. Imagine what kind of an impact that has on YOU and your wonderful spirit, but also on the clients and prospects that [...]

We2 is bringing back PHOTO DAY! (‘Cause you’re gonna get googled) What happens when you make a connection for a prospect or client? You’re gonna get googled!   If your Facebook photo is flat, your Twitter pic is the pits, if your LinkedIn profile is lame, if you are using a cropped version from that [...]

Playing BIG in a Boy’s Club As one of the first women on the Toronto Stock Exchange floor, Danièle Soaré is no stranger to playing big in what was traditionally a Boy’s Club. Soulful, always smiling, clever and full of wisdom, Danièle is the perfect mix of heart and brains, and on November 13th she [...]

Social And Sell-able! Blogging to Boost your Business with Julia Genoni We2 Ladies Luncheon The doors are wide open online and it’s up to you to move on in and introduce yourself to the world! To learn more about what social media can do for our business, Julia will be sharing her knowledge and experiences [...]

We2 Meet™ with Blueprint Cru! On November 12th We2 is to welcome Blueprint Cru to our morning meeting! You may have seen them on TV, on ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’, in popular music videos…maybe dancing for the Queen (yes, of England) or catch them in the most recent Step Up movie. This lively session will [...]