Ladies Luncheon

Social And Sell-able! Blogging to Boost your Business with Julia Genoni We2 Ladies Luncheon The doors are wide open online and it’s up to you to move on in and introduce yourself to the world! To learn more about what social media can do for our business, Julia will be sharing her knowledge and experiences [...]

How to Position Yourself as an Expert We2 Ladies Luncheon For most entrepreneurs, we not only have a desire to build a strong business, we have great gifts and more knowledge than we even realize. Knowledge and experience that we can tap into and share with the world, to help many people..and in so doing… [...]

We2 Ladies Luncheon The last Friday of the month means a chance to enjoy a tasty meal with friends. Come ready to share cards and stories, ask engaging questions and get to know your fellow We2 members. Remember, We do business – and only refer business – to people we KNOW, Like and TRUST. So [...]