It’s back! A yearly We2 favourite! Every year we launch the new year and season with a super-fun “Vision Letter” exercise. So, get ready because on January 27th, 2017 it’s time to set your sights a little higher, to dream a little bigger, to be a little bolder! We2 always ups the ante, and we [...]

This year We2 is kicking it up a notch, and we are happy to announce our first event which happens to be a classic fave. Every year, the first meeting is a pure networking with a bonus twist! Then, we enjoy a 20 minute guided goal setting session. It involves a letter to yourself that [...]

January 23rd 2015 A successful exercise that delights We2 members and friends, year after year! Each year We2 gathers over lunch to write a letter to ourselves!!! Setting the intention for the year, we write down our hopes, goals, dreams….all the wonderful things we imagine! THEN comes the surprise….months later, when you least expect it [...]

January 14th 2015 Vision Board 2015 Join We2 for this guided workshop, as we create our vision boards together, setting the mood and intention for 2015! This expertly guided group session will help unleash your creativity, build your confidence and kick off 2015 with a splash of FUN! Welcome to our first Wildcard Wednesday, where [...]

We2 Ladies Luncheon The last Friday of the month means a chance to enjoy a tasty meal with friends. Come ready to share cards and stories, ask engaging questions and get to know your fellow We2 members. Remember, We do business – and only refer business – to people we KNOW, Like and TRUST. So [...]