The Recipe is a story about life, love, food & yes…business!. I want to tell you about an awesome new book coming out (and we are having a giveaway, YAY!!!) The Recipe by New York Times Best Selling author John David Mann is being hailed as “an instant classic” by achievers like George Forman, praised [...]

From idea to multi million-dollar company. I have a wonderful episode of Wisdom for you today! Eeek! SO excited to share! You’re going to get SUPER inspired! I had the privilege of sitting down with the Co-Founder of Varage Sale, Tami Zuckerman Mercier! Tami is an incredible woman, a powerhouse with a huge heart! Incredibly [...]

Giving is profitable. And there is no better person to explore this time-tested and true business principle than with the original Go-Giver himself; world renown speaker and best-selling author, Mr. Bob Burg. I had a chance to interview Bob for our relaunch of Wisdom the show, where Bob shares his wisdom on how to attract [...]

For We2 Member Gabriela Embon, her niche is coaching men, helping them break through the obstacles that hold them back. Although Gaby definitely works equally well with women, men often lack the same kind of support that we women tend to offer each other. All people find themselves repeating similar patterns, saying “ I know [...]