Gabriela Embon

For We2 Member Gabriela Embon, her niche is coaching men, helping them break through the obstacles that hold them back. Although Gaby definitely works equally well with women, men often lack the same kind of support that we women tend to offer each other. All people find themselves repeating similar patterns, saying “ I know [...]

“Top achievers are nor perfectionists but improvisers”From “The Opus” movie Decide on your goal, have a dream and start taking actions towards achieving it. Top achievers learn on the go and by trial and error. You don’t need to wait until you know everything to get started. The most important is that you start. Keep [...]

Did you ever heard the line “it’s not about the destination but about the journey itself” When Thomas Edison was asked about his several attempts to invent the light bulb, he replied: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Here’s what I read in an article at the “Motivated” magazine. [...]

On my birthday, as I was walking out of the library; a lady approach me and asked me humbly to drive her home. She looked lost and her appearance wasn’t appealing. This may sound like an inoffensive request for some of you but for someone who was born in South America and lived in the [...]

Choose a goal that is big enough to excite you but small enough that you believe you will get it. Did you ever hear the line “Have big goals, dream bigger”? This approach can fail you on your way. Why? Because in order to have the law of attraction working on your favor you need [...]

We, consist of four bodies: the physical body, the spiritual body, the mental body and the emotional body. For our bodies to operate and feel at their best level; they need to have the proper care. For example: The physical body needs healthy food, physical activity; good air, quality products and rest. The mental body [...]

Are you familiar with the law of attraction? Either if you believe it or not, it works. It’s a law, like the law of gravity; you don’t need to believe it. It just works. Our brain is a transmitter. It sends and receives electromagnetic waves, called frequencies. By the law of attraction we receive the [...]

What do you do when the glass of milk falls from the table? You go to the kitchen, grab some towel paper, clean it and continue with your day. If you leave it, it will stink. What do you do when a loved one hurt your feelings? Or when a friend upsets you terribly? You [...]

The decision is to give our back to what we don’t want and focus on what we DO want. Sounds simple, yet we tend to fail in its implementation. The habit of negative self-talk, judging and complaining is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. At first we need to remind ourselves and make a conscious [...]

What do I mean when I say that successful people have character? This means “Following through on a decision long after the excitement and the emotion of the moment has passed”. That is a statement to reflect on… As a self-employed woman you must have been in a situation in which you made a decision [...]

Two men are chopping wood in the forest. The first one works 12 hours nonstop. The second man works for 6 hours. At the end of the day, the first man says to the other one “I don’t understand how did you managed to chop twice as much as me; while I worked for 12 [...]

“Expectations are the basis of guilt and shame and judgment and they provide the essential framework that promotes performance as the basis for identity and value. People try to control behaviour largely through expectations” – from the book “The Shack” Either consciously or unconsciously we put expectation in every relationship and everything we do. If [...]

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein Have you ever reflected on the difference between Pain and Suffer? Pain is part of life. It is a fact and it is not optional. Suffering on the other hand, is totally optional; we have the ability to control it. I believe that we, as [...]

Picture this. You are driving on your way home and you start thinking about your “to do” list. The house, supper, the kids, the cookies for the baking sale, emails, clients, etc. All of the sudden you experience an unpleasant feeling of overwhelming and stress….sounds familiar? As you recognize the feeling, cease your thinking and [...]

We have all heard about the importance of creating a vision board when working on achieving your goals. A vision board is a collage of pictures that represent your long and short term goals.  Most vision boards have a photo of the house you want to live, the car you want to drive, the places [...]

If you start listening to yourself your inner voice finds an audience in you. As a result the outer voices don’t matter as much as before. When you are not concern about how you are seen by others, a state of inner peace emerges in you.  When you are peaceful you are happy indeed. When [...]

If you are undergoing a rough patch, try not to let the emotions affect you beyond a certain degree. Live it gracefully knowing it is not going to last forever, likewise when you are going through a good phase, it also doesn’t last forever. Good or bad, if you have done it once, you can [...]

Your words have a powerful impact in you and the entire universe. It has been clinically proven that words not only affect your brain activity but your heart activity as well. Choose your words carefully.  Don’t blame yourself for your mistakes. Don’t blame others for their mistakes. When you say “I was so stupid, how [...]

How are your manifestations working for you? Our experiences in life are a direct reflection of our inner world. In other words, we manifest in the outer world what we have within ourselves. Genuine change happens when we agree to take full responsibility and to stop blaming everyone for what happens in our life. It [...]

“If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t you will find an excuse” – Martin Luther King What are the actions that you need to take todayto move toward your goal? Pick at least two activities to do every day which will get you closer to your goal. [...]

When working on your goals, always focus on both levels, conscious and subconscious. Why is it so important? The subconscious mind is where your beliefs about yourself and life are stored. Sometimes our beliefs sabotage our efforts to achieve our goal. You may be doing all the right things but for some reason your dream [...]

As entrepreneurs we are constantly driven toward achieving results. This is a great quality and a must in the business world.  As long as the growing process is not too painful and you see satisfactory results you can be sure to be on the right track. But sometimes we go out of our way to [...]

For him it’s about being practical. If needs are met, there’s no reason to complain. But when needs are not met, then stress comes to the door. Mostly, men’s needs are around goals setting and meeting targets. For men, conversations of the heart don’t have a purpose in general but if they help meet an unfulfilled [...]

“You have to become the change that you want to see in the world – M. Ghandi To attract iron, you must become a magnet, to attract bees; you need to become a flower. The law of attraction is a simple concept to follow. We get back what we give to others….think about it. You [...]

Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend – Robert Shemin When we consciously choose not to focus on what is missing in our lives but to be grateful for the blessings that we have –love, health, family, friends, [...]

It is the way we take care of our lives what gives productivity its meaning and not productivity what gives meaning to our lives. The urge and ability to produce is part of who we are as humans; it is what makes us unique. We don’t want to change this amazing quality. Instead, we are [...]

Can you remember making a major decision based on your guts feeling? I know we were raised to think things through; it’s a strong and stubborn habit. But can you remember making a major decision based on your guts feeling? Just because you felt it, without even thinking about it? How did you feel after? [...]

Sometimes we feel like victims, sometimes we call it “bad luck” but the truth is we got caught in a “reactive mode”. Luckily it’s in our own hands to pull ourselves out and change the perception of what life is bringing to us. For an instant relief, do something for yourself. Any gesture that will [...]

This simple 1 2 3 exercise can help you make the right decision no matter where you are. Picture this: you are in the middle of a busy crazy day and you need to make a decision. You decide to follow your heart on this one, but your mind is making so much noise that [...]

How many of us feel like the day starts when the kids go to sleep? I do. Finally I have time to myself, quality time with my partner, time with facebook/ twitter. Every hour that you sleep before midnight counts as two and the optimal hour to go to sleep is 22:00. Make this a [...]

Alchemy is the science of transmuting metals into gold. I like to see human transformation as alchemy too. Why? Because by acknowledging, accepting and facing our feelings, we can transform pain into freedom and peace. I like to use “the journey to emotional freedom” process as my poison to facilitate the change. To read more [...]

OMG! What happens to us when we feel gratitude……it’s magic! Start this simple, yet powerful habit and see for yourself. Begin a “Gratitude List”. Keep the list next to your bed, read it before going to sleep. Each day add one new thing to the list that you are grateful for; something you embrace that [...]

It is the way we take care of our lives that gives productivity its meaning and not productivity that gives meaning to our lives. The urge and ability to produce is part of who we are as humans; it is what makes us unique. We don’t want to change this amazing quality. Instead, we are [...]

There is a beggar sitting on a box on the corner of a sidewalk. He has his hands out, asking for money. A man walks by and says, “I have nothing to give today but I see you’re sitting on a box. What’s inside the box you’re sitting on?” “I’m sure there’s nothing inside. I’m [...]

When the Dalai Lama was asked about meditation he replied that he meditates for two hours a day, unless he is busy. If he has a busy day coming up, he meditates for three hours. Even on the busiest days, make sure to have 30 min “me time”. Add the “me time” to your “to [...]

In Asia monkeys are captured by placing bananas in special traps. When the monkey reaches out for a banana its hand gets caught. To break free all it needs to do is to let go of the banana. Ask yourself: What are you clinging on? Achievements? Shoulds? By answering that, we allow ourselves to consciously [...]

What’s the first thing I do in the morning? Grab my blackberry and read my email, not all emails but the ONE. Personalized daily email messages designed to remind you and me of life’s magic, our power and that dreams do come true. I forgot to tell you…..It’s free. To sign up for my favorite [...]

Gabriela brings her genuine heart connection with these stories, anecdotes and fables that offer readers “a moment of reflection” to ponder throughout their day. Her delightfully unique language for learning is a lens with which to view the world. Whatever phase of your journey you may be on, these tips delivered with an edge are [...]