Britta Heintzen

A We²-Bit® about Britta: Britta coaches, trains and develops executives, emerging leaders, and business professionals to help them embrace change, make more efficient decisions, and engage more deeply in their work and life. Testimonials for Britta: “As a personal coach Britta helped me to increase my understanding of my strength and weakness and my communication [...]

Linda Mastroianni

A We²-Bit® about Linda: Linda Mastroianni is founder, writer, editor and blogger of and She is a certified life coach providing consulting services to special needs parents on many issues such as: moving forward after the diagnosis, divorce with a special needs child, dynamics of a blended family, special education, life skills strategies, [...]

Monica de Liz

A WE² bit about Monica: Dreading your wardrobe? Nothing to wear? Yep, it’s time to heal and transform your relationship with your closet sista. You were born to shine, not hide your radiance under ordinary clothes. We’ve been taught to focus on our flaws rather than celebrate what we’ve got. But, what if you could [...]