Feel more confident, empowered, and secure! Elevate your awareness, recognize signs, prevent, de-escalate a situation and yes, defend yourself AND escape with your loved ones should you need to. You are not helpless in any situation, but have a power and strength reserve that you can tap into. Just like CPR, you hope you never [...]

Keys to Facebook Advertising Success You spend time creating a post on your business Facebook page. You pick the perfect photo, you write exactly what you want your followers to know and… You click post! And wait for the likes, comments and shares to come flowing in. 2 days later you see that 26 people [...]

Write so they read! Writing or blogging is one of the best ways to attract your ideal clients! You get to offer value and create traffic to your site, lists of potential clients who get to know you and dig what you do. But with SO many millions of things passing us by on the [...]

Are you ready for the next We2 Dating Game? We have something very special planned for you on March 10th, and we are going to have a blast getting to know each other! We do business with people we know, like and trust, what better way to get to know, like and trust your Fellow [...]

Your turning Point with Velcia Scott Is there something outside your awareness holding you back and causing you to struggle as you attempt to move your life and/or your career forward? Are external resistances happening that have you puzzled? Join us on February 24th as Velcia Scott reveals the story of her life journey; an [...]

We all need more Time and Freedom… but when we attempt to put it into practice we face challenges such as overwhelm, procrastination, unexpected situations, lack of motivation and much more. Many of you may already know what you need to do – but putting it in practice may be challenging. Sometimes, you may even [...]

It’s back! A yearly We2 favourite! Every year we launch the new year and season with a super-fun “Vision Letter” exercise. So, get ready because on January 27th, 2017 it’s time to set your sights a little higher, to dream a little bigger, to be a little bolder! We2 always ups the ante, and we [...]

There’s a LOT of BUZZ around intentions and visioning exercises swirling around because, well… it’s the beginning of the year. It’s a GREAT time to plan and dream a little bigger! Maybe a lot bigger! The beginning of the year is a benchmark, a fresh start, a time for hope and setting your sights higher! [...]