In today’s 24/7 world your website is your most important selling tool – and yet so few people capitalize on this.  Most people build a site and then never touch it. Some people don’t have a site and think they can simply sell through Social Media, Facebook, Etsy or live. The reality is quite different…. [...]

SOLD OUT! If you’d like to be added to the waiting list please fill out the RSVP form below. Thank you :) Yup, We2 is getting the scoop – straight form the source! If you ever wanted to know the best way to use Facebook, to create pages, use boosted posts and properly target your [...]

SOLD OUT! If you’d like to be added to the waiting list please fill out the RSVP form below. Thank you :) From Frustration to five-figure months. Are you ready to transform your business from “meh” to magnificent? Feel like there is MORE waiting for you and your business? More IMPACT, more FUN more freedom [...]

Cultivating Confidence :: November 25th, 2016 :: West Island Imagine feeling much more confident about the work that you do, more confident with the rates you charge…confident about your own value and worth. Imagine what kind of an impact that has on YOU and your wonderful spirit, but also on the clients and prospects that [...]

We2 Meet Dec 6, 2016 :: West Island We2 Night Out :: Tuesday December 6th, 2016 :: West Island Join the wonderful women of We2 AND your partner or Bestest friend at beautiful restaurant Ossiano for our annual Holiday Dinner Party!!! Whoot Whoot! Yup, the first year ever it is We2 + 1! Men, women, [...]

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it’s way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

Special Members only webinar Get ready to learn how to network like a pro. It’s easy, it’s fun and it is BY FAR one of the best ways to grow your business! For the last decade, I have had a front row seat in the field of Networking. I have studied and read, witnessed the [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: May 27, 2016 :: West Island LinkedIn is a powerful business tool to help grow your business. However, few people actually maximize the incredible potential of connecting with and finding clients with their unique profile – or their LinkedIn strategy. On May 27th we are super excited to welcome our very own [...]

Conscious entrepreneurship evolved Each of us is here to do something unique. A purpose. A raison d’etre. It has always been my deep belief that life itself is a work of art. That every aspect of it should hold true to your values and beliefs, including the work we do each and every day. For [...]

Sales Funnels & Social Media = Success with Thabi Nyoni The internet is making it easy for just about anybody to start a successful business, both online and off. Our next speaker will share with us just how to do that. Join us on April 29th for Sales Funnels + Social Media Strategies = Succe$$ [...]

Our special We2 games are simply the Bomb! Now is YOUR time to shine! We2 Wildcard Game How it works: We’ll have We2 Wildcard spots, (that could be you) and we’ll highlight the lucky participants for that day! Help the audience get to know more about you and your business. Think of it as a [...]

Self Defence for Women with We2® and KM3 Part of the We2® mission is to bring women tools they need for business…and also for life and lifestyle. Because we know that all things interconnect. From we eat to how we feel. This March, We2® is bringing something unique to our workshop repertoire. It is a [...]

Imagine being able to build an empire from your cell phone… For somebody who started her very first business before there was Facebook or Twitter, I am still amazed at the incredible power that is right at our fingertips, the power to build an online empire and work with incredible people from all over the [...]

MONEY w/ Yvonne St-Louis We2-Meet® Feb 26, 2016! Money. Just the word will spark intense feelings among every reader. No matter your relationship to it, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s a loaded topic. The feelings, beliefs and energy that it carries is nothing short of fascinating. That is why we [...]

Master your authentic voice on Feb 12! Imagine saying what you really mean and presenting it well…Do you struggle finding the right words at the right time? Finding and mastering our authentic voice can be liberating, help you feel more fulfilled and confident in all aspects of your life and relationships. And yes, mastering your [...]

This year We2 is kicking it up a notch, and we are happy to announce our first event which happens to be a classic fave. Every year, the first meeting is a pure networking with a bonus twist! Then, we enjoy a 20 minute guided goal setting session. It involves a letter to yourself that [...]