We2 Members & Friends Holiday Party !!! The time has come to celebrate! Share in the merriment as “We2” gather together to share the company of our good friends over a lovely meal. Celebrate the season, celebrate our accomplishments and celebrate each other! Come dressed up to dazzle & let your hair down! Of course, [...]

The Holly-Dayest Fair Around! Our Fifth Anniversary! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” We2 are so excited to bring you another year of good friends and good cheer to celebrate the season of giving at our annual Holiday Networking EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Doors are open to women AND MEN! It is a morning like no [...]

Social And Sell-able! Blogging to Boost your Business with Julia Genoni We2 Ladies Luncheon The doors are wide open online and it’s up to you to move on in and introduce yourself to the world! To learn more about what social media can do for our business, Julia will be sharing her knowledge and experiences [...]

We2 Meet™ with Blueprint Cru! On November 12th We2 is to welcome Blueprint Cru to our morning meeting! You may have seen them on TV, on ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’, in popular music videos…maybe dancing for the Queen (yes, of England) or catch them in the most recent Step Up movie. This lively session will [...]

How to Position Yourself as an Expert We2 Ladies Luncheon For most entrepreneurs, we not only have a desire to build a strong business, we have great gifts and more knowledge than we even realize. Knowledge and experience that we can tap into and share with the world, to help many people..and in so doing… [...]

We2 Meet™ with Sheldon Kagan ! We2 is very pleased to welcome Mr. Sheldon Kagan as our guest speaker on October 8th! Join us for an incredible morning as Sheldon recounts his story with We2, shares a few of his best business tips and opens the floor for a very generous Q & A session! [...]

The Power of People The foundation for business success. There are many factors that influence our success. Passion. Commitment. Dedication. Marketing & Sales Strategy. But there is one irreplaceable thing that holds the biggest key of all, no matter what business you are in. People. It’s all about the people. The ones you serve. The [...]

Meet Your Boss As an entrepreneur, you have a VISION. You see yourself accomplishing big things, and impacting the lives of thousands. So why are things not moving as expected? “Meet Your Boss” will reveal what really controls your life and how to take back control so your vision can become a reality. By the [...]

We2 Speed Networking event! Join us for a fabulous networking breakfast! At the We2 breakfast meeting, we’ll enjoy a morning of good cheer with the next event of our “Speed Networking” series! A great chance to get to know your fellow entrepreneur, artist or professional woman making waves! The previous We2 Speed Networking events were [...]

One of our greatest fears as parents is to remain helpless if your child stopped breathing.With summer finally here, hot days means pool fun. But that fun can stop short if a life-threatening accident occurs. If you have children who have not yet learned to swim, and if left unattended around a swimming pool, a [...]

Develop Your Intuition and Skyrocket Your Business We2 Meet™ with Doreen Mary Bray, for Breakfast! Some think intuition is mainly a psychic thing. But everyone is born with this powerful ability. It’s part of who you are & anyone can learn how to use it. Come May 14th & learn about your intuitive nature & [...]

FEARLESS We2 Meet™ with Bhaskar Goswami, for Breakfast! What holds us back from making the impact we want to make? There is an answer. All suffering comes from this root. The root of FEAR. What is it? We2 all deal with it. It can easily stop us from living the life we were meant to [...]

Weber’s Website Wakeup Did you know that 50% of all search happens on mobile devices and that there are now 2 billion smartphones users? Is your site mobile responsive or are you missing 50% of potential clients? Do you love your site? Does it represent YOU and your business? Do your clients find it appealing? [...]