Success Is All About Choice, Fit and Finish

We2 Wisdom guest post by We2 Member Lesia Prystupa.

Your Clothes Tell All
Success Is All About Choice, Fit and Finish

Have you ever noticed a person wearing a simple shirt, sunglasses, nothing special in terms of any particular accessory and looked fabulous, while another might have spent a significant amount of money and effort on an outfit and was barely noticed? Why is that? Well, how individuals truly set themselves apart from one another is in the details of how their look is finished.

The reality is, a successful look is all about how well everything is put together in a harmonious, complementary way, highlighting the very best attributes of the wearer. I like to refer to this phenomenon as “synergy”. To be more specific, it is where the fashion impact is greatest because of several visual components coming together at the same time, producing a ‘wow’ type effect.

Today’s article focuses primarily on such a synergy for a business look. It comes down to three key elements: choice, fit, and finish (the details).

  1. Choice
    Choosing the proper clothing for the right venue is critical. With the arrival of casual workdays in the last two decades, more people than ever have been left confused about what to wear to the office. This is due in part to the fact that perceptions of what is permitted, versus what is appropriate, have become intertwined, leaving people with a blurred sense of what is right for which venue. Nonetheless, no matter how much we try to get away from it, there does still exist a decorum for business, where nothing has really ever come close to replacing the dark ‘power suit’ for a corporate interview. The solution? A suit. It’s one of the basics everyone should have in their wardrobe (You don’t want to be left scrambling the minute you figure out you need one!). It is best to be prepared in advance.
  2. Fit
    Finding clothing that fit properly is key. Everything from undergarments to overcoat must fit well. Sometimes people chose clothing that are too small, thinking it makes them look slimmer, but in the end, they just look ill-fitted and unprofessional. At the other extreme, the same can be said about wearing oversize clothes which tend to make one look unpolished. Proper fit often gets downplayed or overlooked, but it shouldn’t because compromising this aspect will take away from the look in the end.
  3. Finish
    Finish here refers to how the look is completed. This includes the following:

    • Grooming (including general hygiene, clean washed hair, well manicured and kept hands)
    • A current well maintained hairstyle
    • Overall tidiness (no unravelling hems or threads hanging, buttons missing, creased clothing)
    • Good basic use of cosmetics
    • Properly chosen footwear and accessories (polished shoes, appropriate purse or attaché, jewellery etc.)

These details can make a significant impact in one being taken seriously, making the difference between getting or losing a contract, even landing a job or promotion. Why we ask? Because they send a message that one cares! The end benefit is walking with confidence, being able to focus on more important things than being pre-occupied with appearance. It is no mystery; the secret to success is indeed hidden in the details such as the choice, the fit and the finish!

Meet the Author

Lesia Prystupa

Lesia was formally trained in Fashion Design at Montreal's LaSalle College. Aside from fashion school, she further broadened the depth of her knowledge in fashion styling specifically tailored to assist women with their various wardrobe and styling needs. Today, she lives in Montreal and offers personal styling by focusing on proper garment fit, professional look, clothing colour selection and style finish.