Sometimes it rains

Mother Nature has her own plans…and sometimes those plans involve rain.

As an entrepreneur, one of the major driving forces that make us do what we do is control; whether it is the idea of controlling our own destiny or our daily schedules.

It is understanding the minute differences between the things we can and can’t control that make the entrepreneurial journey a successful & joyful one…or one wrought with insecurity and frustration.

One of the things I often see is that we get it completely backwards. We think we have control over things we don’t – and we believe we have no control over that which in reality we most certainly do.

I remember when I discovered this for myself…it was like the clouds parted and the sky turned blue.

We can’t control the weather.

Sometimes it will rain. In fact, it most certainly will. But we can choose our clothing. We can decide to splash in puddles – or to cry and give up hope of any sunny days.

We can’t control every interaction. We cannot control the outcome of every call, but we can control how many we make. We cannot completely control who says YES to working with us. But we CAN control our ongoing commitment to better communication.  To learning. We CAN control the quality and consistency of our work. We can control our sales and marketing efforts.

We can’t control people’s reaction to something we have written or shared, not everybody will dig it…but we can control the frequency of our writing (for those who really dig it).

We can’t control the amount of things that will demand our attention every day. But we CAN control our determination, vision, our commitment to our priorities and we can control our focus. We can control what WE say yes or no to. Despite what the constant dinging of our computers might tell us, it is us who decides what deserves our attention.  It is not exterior.

What do you feel is in your control? What feels out of control? Take a few minutes to dig deep and ask where in your life or business do you need to let go of control and what CAN you control? Maybe it’s something simpler than you thought.

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