Self-Defense for Women!

Feel more confident, empowered, and secure!

Elevate your awareness, recognize signs, prevent, de-escalate a situation and yes, defend yourself AND escape with your loved ones should you need to.

You are not helpless in any situation, but have a power and strength reserve that you can tap into.

Just like CPR, you hope you never need to use this… but just like CPR, if you ever do (G-d Forbid), you are prepared and confident.

In this 3 hour workshop, our instructor, Vlad Alexandru will cover:

  • The psychological. How to avoid and de-escalate a situation.
  • Street smarts – how to tell when a situation will turn. Debunking the myths that surround how an attack happens, and what are the warning signs?
  • How to physically protect yourself should you need to.
  • How to protect any children, who might be with you.

It can and does happen every day, it could be somebody close, or a stranger on the street. Learning to be mentally and physically alert, confident and prepared means you will carry yourself differently in all areas of your life. Feel more confident, empowered, and secure!

Learning to not to simply go along for the sake of being “nice,” but rather to do what’s best for yourself and your family.

This is more than self-defence.

The side effects are: learning to listen to your guiding voice. This is one for us, and one for your daughters.

Join the women of We2, West Island Blog & and instructor Vladimir Alexandru founder of KM3 Krav Maga.

Vlad is an Expert level Krav Maga instructor and the highest level Krav Maga Global instructor in Canada. Vlad also has a black belt in full contact Karate and works training Police, Security & Military personnel, as well as VIP protection teams.

Vlad is also using his vast knowledge and experience helping women stay safe by improving their psychological conditioning.

We’ll be moving around! Bring comfy, gym-type clothing, a clean pair of sneakers, some water and a notebook!

Guests are welcome, daughters are welcome. Age limit: 13+ recommended.
While there is no age limit, we are going to ask that you make the call. Know that we are dealing with subject matter that can be difficult. While the benefits of acquiring this information is important and designed to help protect them, you know your children best, and what they can handle. We recommend no younger than high-school.

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1:00PM-5:00PM Saturday, September 16th, 2017
(we start on time, please arrive 15 minutes early)

Where :

Krav Maga EliteKrav Maga Elite :: 4684 Boulevard des Sources #003, 

4684 Boulevard des Sources #003,
Dollard des Ormeaux, Qc., H8Y 3C4
(Entrance is on the left, head downstairs.
Across from Adonis)