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Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands (in the hundreds of thousands) of $ have resulted from and moved through our community. That number keeps growing, so grab a piece of the action!

Establishing authentic relationships is the best way to build a solid business foundation, and having the wisdom to build it right is crucial. For over 8 years, We2® has covered both with pizzazz and flair.

Toni Pigeon

“I was just telling somebody the other day, I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t come across We2. That’s the difference it has made for me.
Since I joined less than a year ago, I have expanded my business and opened a new office. The clients I have received from being a member of We2…countless. It’s been wonderful.” – Toni Pigeon

Toni Pigeon – River of Health

Your All-Access Pass!

Along with free or discounted entrance to events, We2 offers up special member-only perks, like private gatherings and pop-ups!

Get a surprise message or invitation in your mailbox, free resources, useful business-building tools, or dose of “just-when-you-need-it” inspiration.

Choose what you want, when you want it.

One membership gets you all of the member benefits both online or from any chapter. Attend the events you want to, and skip the ones you don’t!

Michèle Tirlemont

“After my very first meeting I got 2 new clients – and possibly a third!” – Michèle Tirlemont

Michèle Tirlemont – Translator

Get Found!

Get a personalized profile on our site to let people know what YOU have to offer!

With links back to your site and an e-mail quick-link that lets people contact you directly from our site, connecting is easy!

Readers, We2® followers, members and guests, even people who find us on google or social media need your services.

From universities to large international companies and even entrepreneurs just starting out on their venture have turned to We2® to find who they are looking for!

Gain increased credibility with one of the longest standing and most respected women’s networking associations!

Unparalleled support,
encouragement & friendship!

We2® is one of the friendliest, warmest and most welcoming communities around. It’s one of the things “We2®” are most proud of!

No matter what stage of business, on the road to success there are ups and downs.

There are times when we need to know what step to take, when we need some assistance, sometimes when we need a sounding board, or just to see – and be a part of – some amazing success stories to know that we can do it, too!

You will find amazing friendships, support, collaboration and encouragement as part of the We2® community.

Sheila Bicknell

“It has been a fantastic support for me, as I launch a new entrepreneurial venture, I have found clients from We2 and I have a system that is there for me – as a business, but also as a person. At We2 we have a chance to be ourselves, get to know tools that could be useful for us and get to know who we can refer business to. I highly encourage it, come and join us we will welcome you with open arms!” – Sheila Bicknell

Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle

FREE Access to our Virtual Clubhouse!

A sisterhood of women making waves. We’re talking heart…soul…big dreams and fun! (Cuz…it’s gotta be fun!).

This private place on Facebook is NOT a spam-fest (ugh, nobody likes that…and frankly, it’s ineffective).

This is a space where you can shine your awesomeness, connect with each other and continue that networking magic, to offer help to a friend & ask for help or advice when you need it, and yes, SHARE WHAT YOU’VE GOT GOING ON! Sales, promotions, workshops, webinars…we want to hear about them! “Work-it Wednesdays” provide a space for you to show people what you are working on!

The goal of We2 is to learn and to connect, to refer business to one another and to share knowledge, tips & tools. It’s also to grow your business, of course!!!!

This space allows us to get the most from our connections, and to deepen our newfound friendships!

Save Money!

Whether online or in-person networking and learning events like Ladies Luncheons, We2-Works® Workshops, cultural outings and more, you will have a chance to network and learn, socialize and get inspired…all at a discounted or free entrance.

Get Featured!

Gain even more exposure and credibility by being featured as a contributor for our Weekly Wisdom segment!
*spaces are limited, please see details for eligibility and terms

Not in business?

That’s cool, too! If you are just looking for inspiration, friendship, to learn new things or meet new people, maybe just HAVE FUN with an awesome community of women, We2® is also for you!

How it works:

You don’t need to wait for a certain time of year!

Your yearly membership starts from the day you join, until the same date the following year. Then, you have the option of whether you want to renew or not!

Easy-Peasey Lemon Squeezy.

If you are not in the Montreal area, you can still sign up to access online content, have a profile and receive weekly wisdom, free resources and more, and get notified as soon as we unveil new offerings!

With so many chances to connect and do business in-person or online, possibilities are endless.

We aim to bring you continued professional and personal growth and satisfaction – and here’s more good news:

For less than 50 cents a day – you can join We2®.

Yup. That’s it.

Not even enough for diner coffee… let alone a fancy-pants Starbucks.

It’s that peanut-butter jar of pennies cashola that you can use to invest in your business. Invest in you.

Becoming a We2® Member is only $179.99 for the first year, $149.99 to renew

Join our Community today!

Sue-Anne Hickey

“Was a super meeting, so grateful, and I got a new client!
Thanks Sarena Miller, We2 – Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange rocks!” – Sue-Anne Hickey

Sue-Anne Hickey