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We2® Members

Suzannah Baum, Presentation Skills Strategist, Executive Speech Coach & Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Ideal Communications ::® Member

Suzannah Baum

 Ideal Communications

Kim Vergil, Contemporary Artist, KIM Vergil ::® Member

Kim Vergil

 Artist Mixed Media
 KIM Vergil

Julia Di Nardo, Psychotherapist,  ::® Member

Julia Di Nardo


Dahna Weber, , MINC ::® Member

Dahna Weber


Carolina Merizalde, Floral Designer & Owner, Fleur&Sense ::® Member

Carolina Merizalde

 Floral Designer

Rosalie Levi, Interior Designer/Artist, Zephyr Interior Design ::® Member

Rosalie Levi

 Interior Designer/Artist
 Zephyr Interior Design

Sandy Racicot-Day, Independent Consultant , Arbonne ::® Member

Sandy Racicot-Day

 Independent Consultant

Britta Heintzen , Organizational Activator, Executive Coach, Plan4Results, Global Engineering Transformations |® Member

Britta Heintzen

 Transformations Engineer

Wendy Lee Kennedy, Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Montreal Muscle Activation Clinic ::® Member

Wendy Lee Kennedy

 Therapist, Educator

Claudine Campeau, Directrice générale, Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest-de-l’Île
West Island Assistance Fund ::® Member

Claudine Campeau

 Directrice générale

Liliana Deleo, , Living Laughter ::® Member

Liliana Deleo

 Living Laughter

Sheila Bicknell , Oracle Card Reader, BlueWater Oracle  ::® Member

Sheila Bicknell

 Oracle Card Reader
 BlueWater Oracle

Carina  Groombridge , , Life coach for moms  |® Member

Carina Groombridge

 Life coach for moms

Priscilla Jabouin, The Dream Job Catcher , My Map to Happiness Holistic Coaching  |® Member

Priscilla Jabouin

 Career Coach
 My Map to Happiness

Cindy Riding, Leader in Live Online Language, Live Online Language Training |® Member

Cindy Riding

 Founder & President
 CR SL Virtual Inc.

Julie Gedeon, Founder/Lead Communicator, Eloquence |® Member

Julie Gedeon

 Lead Communicator

Sarah Black, Residential Real Estate Broker, M Real Estate ::® Member

Sarah Black

 Real Estate Broker
 M Real Estate

Maggie Costa, Director of Development, West Island Cancer Wellness Centre ::® Member

Maggie Costa

 Director of Development

Jessie Legent, Life & business coach, NLP certified, Coach Jessie Legent ::® Member

Jessie Legent

 NLP Coach
 Life & Business Coach

Patricia Levell, Psychologist/Director, Yellow Umbrella Wellness Center ::® Member

Patricia Levell

 Yellow Umbrella Wellness

Renee Mollitt, Yoga Therapist - Holistic Health Coach, Luscious Lotus Yoga ::® Member

Renee Mollitt

 Yoga Therapist
 Luscious Lotus Yoga

Heidi Clavet, National Vice President in the making, Arbonne International ::® Member

Heidi Clavet

 Independent Consultant
 Health and Wellness

Taline Tarpininan, Certified Professional Coach True Bloom Coaching ::® Member

Taline Tarpinian

 Life Coach
 True Bloom Coaching

Lori Vinaric, Grief counsellor and educator, Clinical social worker ::® Member

Lori Vinaric

 Professional social worker

Andrea Mühlebach, Owner/Reflexologist RCRT, MCSRI, ReflexOasis ::® Member

Andrea Mühlebach

 Reflexologist RCRT, MCSRI

Wendy Boode, President & Graphic Designer, Urban Impressionz Inc.  ::® Member

Wendy Boode

 Graphic Design & Clothing
 Urban Impressionz Inc.

Christine Zarichuck, Fitness Instructor and Health & Wellness Coach, Art of Wellness - Mindful Living ::® Member

Christine Zarichuck

 Art of Wellness

Jacinta Kemboi, Health and Wellness Coach, Step by Step to Health  ::® Member

Jacinta Kemboi

 Health Coach
 Step by Step to Health

Heather Boyd, Artist, Jewelry Designer and Educator, Heather Boyd Wire ::® Member

Heather Boyd

 Artist and Educator
 Heather Boyd Wire

Michele Vincent Felix, ,  ::® Member

Michele Vincent Felix


Stephanie Riddell, Eco Friendly Cleaning Products, ENJO |® Member

Stephanie Riddell

 Sales Consultant

Lilla Martorana, Reiki Grandmaster Lilla, LIGHTinU ::® Member

Lilla Martorana

 Reiki Grandmaster Lilla

Sherry Nash, Founder & CEO, Be Habit Free ::® Member

Sherry Nash

 Founder & CEO
 Be Habit Free

Linda Mastroianni, President/Founder, Speaking Autism ::® Member

Linda Mastroianni

 Speaking Autism

Tina Romano, ,  ::® Member

Tina Romano


Anne Whelan, VidriAna, Stained Glass and Fusion Glass ::® Member

Anne Whelan

 Stained and Fusion Glass

Danièle Soaré, Financial coach,  ::® Member

Danièle Soaré

 Financial coach

Ana Lucia Lanatta, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Coach, skyandroots ::® Member

Ana Lucia Lanatta


Rhonda Massad, Freelance journalist, West Island Blog, The Suburban, Global TV, Montreal Times ::® Member

Rhonda Massad

 Freelance journalist
 West Island Blog

Sazini Nzula, , Dr. Sazini ::® Member

Sazini Nzula

 Dr. Sazini

Natalie Best, Director , Senteurs D'Angkor Canada ::® Member

Natalie Best

 SDA Canada

Rhona Bachan, President , A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS ::® Member

Rhona Bachan

 A Creative Corp. Gifts

Julie Bourbeau, , Julie Bourbeau, Translation Services ::® Member

Julie Bourbeau

 Translation Services

Myriam Boyd, YouTuber/Artist, MimiB ::® Member

Myriam Boyd


Lise Gervais, Vice-President, Business Development, Jenetiqa ::® Member

Lise Gervais

 VP, Business Development

Julia Genoni, Blogger, Founder, ::® Member

Julia Genoni

 Blogger, Founder

Lesia Prystupa, Artist & Designer, atelier Jadelzodor ::® Member

Lesia Prystupa

 Artist & Designer
 atelier Jadelzodor

Tanya Toledano, Founder. Blogger. Influencer, Inc ::® Member

Tanya Toledano

 Founder. Blogger Inc

Doreen Mary Bray, Founder & Teacher, The Institute of Energetic Healing ::® Member

Doreen Mary Bray

 Founder Institute
 of Energetic Healing

Stephanie Azran, , MissAzranWrites  ::® Member

Stephanie Azran


Joanne Giacomini, Writer and Parent Coach, Exceptional Parenting ::® Member

Joanne Giacomini

 Writer & Parent Coach
 Exceptional Parent

Geneviève Richer, Superchick, Superchickland ::® Member

Geneviève Richer


Silvana Misantone, Designer, Signature Invitation International ::® Member

Silvana Misantone

 Signature Invitation

Melissa Dawn, Life & Business Coach, CEO Of Your Life Inc ::® Member

Melissa Dawn

 Life & Business Coach
 CEO Of Your Life Inc

Debbie Donelle, Professional Bra-Fitter , DEBra Lingerie  ::® Member

Debbie Donelle

 Professional Bra-Fitter
 DEBra Lingerie

Carol Ketelson, , Delectable Destinations ::® Member

Carol Ketelson

 Delectable Destinations

Natalka Lee, WPICC, DWPC, GWIC
Wedding / Event Planner, Natalka Celebrations ::® Member

Natalka Lee

 Wedding / Event Planner
 Natalka Celebrations

Wanda Malfara, Photographer,  ::® Member

Wanda Malfara


Irene Andrejczuk, , Optimum Health Clinic ::® Member

Irene Andrejczuk

 Optimum Health Clinic

Marion Dana, Avocate / Attorney, O'Reilly Dana ::® Member

Marion Dana

 Avocate / Attorney
 O’Reilly Dana

Robina Nicol, ,  ::® Member

Robina Nicol


Stephanie Moram, ,  ::® Member

Stephanie Moram


Shannon Leibgott, Part-owner & Chef, Jarz ::® Member

Shannon Leibgott

 Co-owner & Chef

Sue-Anne Hickey, ,  |® Member

Sue-Anne Hickey


Jennifer Lonergan, Executive Director, Artistri Sud
Montreal, Canada ::® Member

Jennifer Lonergan

 Executive Director
 Artistri Sud

Tara Bissett, ,  ::® Member

Tara Bissett


Carrie Katz, Personal and Professional Certified Coach,  ::® Member

Carrie Katz


Jeannie Zilber, , Dignité ::® Member

Jeannie Zilber


Cathy Cochrane, Certified Naturotherapist,  ::® Member

Cathy Cochrane


Heidi Reich, Veterinarian,  ::® Member

Heidi Reich


Toni Pigeon, Allergy & Nutrition, River of Health ::® Member

Toni Pigeon

 Allergy & Nutrition
 River of Health

Gabriela Embon, ,  ::® Member

Gabriela Embon


Annika Diehl, Artist,  ::® Member

Annika Diehl


Nancy Harrison, Owner, ::® Member

Nancy Harrison


Vanessa Rice, Senior Stylist, Stella & Dot ::® Member

Vanessa Rice

 Senior Stylist
 Stella & Dot

Velcia Scott, ,  ::® Member

Velcia Scott


Geeta Suchak, Residential Real Estate broker , Royal LePage Heritage  |® Member

Geeta Suchak

 Residential Real
 Estate broker

Ann Mary Caetano , ,  ::® Member

Ann Mary Caetano


Manon Bonin, Creator/Designer , Les Créations Manon ::® Member

Manon Bonin

 Les Créations Manon

Michelle Bohemier, ,  ::® Member

Michelle Bohemier


Evelynne Egan, Editor-in-Chief, ::® Member

Evelynne Egan


Darlene Tandon, ,  ::® Member

Darlene Tandon


Heidi Von Huene, ,  ::® Member

Heidi Von Huene


Sylvie Drouin, , Investissements Drogui ::® Member

Sylvie Drouin

 Investissements Drogui

Susan Hum, Holistic Life Strategist,  ::® Member

Susan Hum

 Holistic Life Strategist

Julie Gedeon, ,  ::® Member

Julie Gedeon


Leah Kosatsky, ,  ::® Member

Leah Kosatsky


Heidi Miller, Photographer,  ::® Member

Heidi Miller