Making Friends with Goblins

Happy Hallowe’en!

It has always been my favourite holiday, when imagination could run completely free, and we could run along with it! Dressing up in poorly-sewn costumes and handmade tinfoil crowns or sparkly green antennae…welcoming things usually unseen yet somehow feared and inviting them to frolic and celebrate among us.

And the sweets…OH the sweets! Drinking in a plethora of life’s pleasures, when we were allowed some moments of sheer gluttony, when indulgence was accepted and occasionally – but lovingly – shared, with our sisters, brothers and friends.
(Okay, they could have the chips, I’ll keep the chocolate)

The reason everybody loves Hallowe’en is because we are ENCOURAGED to be different, to pull out all the stops, to emanate our our heroes, our inner mischief-makers, our inner princesses… we allow ourselves to outwardly BE who we REALLY ARE inside – without limitations -the outward reflection of our inner selves displayed for all to see.

Wearing this armour nobody can scare us with tales of unseen ghosts and goblins that try to haunt us – today their names are “Fear”, “Rejection”, “What if?” “I can’t” and ”Failure”.

They will always be there ready to haunt us, yelling “Boo”! from behind the tree as soon as we open the door. But HEY! There’s a pillowcase full of loot just waiting for us and there is just too much fun to be had!

If on Hallowe’en we dance with goblins and hold hands with ghouls, why not decide to make friends with these ghosts? Put on your best YOU, march forward, grab them by scruff of the sheet, and keep dancing and laughing through the streets with your friends. And bravely tell them if they intend to come along, they must bring the peanut butter cups!



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