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Maggie Costa

Director of Development
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Maggie Costa is the Director of Development of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in Kirkland, Que.

Maggie’s early chosen path was toward working with young offenders, but soon after successfully graduating with the specialty, she found herself drawn toward the corporate world. Within a couple of short years she progressed from Assistant Manager to Manager at a very popular West Island pharmacy while pursuing a university education.

Maggie, being extremely personable and energetic, was drawn to the Chamber of Commerce, where she spent 8 years, in the role of Manager of Events and Communications. This role moulded and solidified Maggie’s strong leadership and organizational skills.

In 2014, Maggie was offer a 3rd challenge to head the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre’s fundraising initiative and met this challenge with enthusiasm and drive. She singlehandedly fundraises to keep the operations of the Centre fluid.

Maggie is presently the Director of Development at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, but she also loves to spend time with family, friends and her passion, horses.

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Maggie Costa
Director of Development
West Island Cancer Wellness Centre

Tel: 514.695.9355
Email: Send me an email
Social media:–tre-pour-personnes-atteintes-de-cancer