Lost that lovin’ feeling? 2 action-ables to stay inspired & motivated.

The day to day can sometimes seem like a never-ending bunch of lists, action steps and to-dos. There is so much we are learning and taking care of… go go go.
At times it can all feel..well…a little zombie-esque.

Sometimes it’s hard to just keep on truckin’. Maybe it feels as though you’ve hit a plateau, and your not even sure why or what that means, but you feel bored or uninspired.

Maybe the results you have been looking for seem just outside your grasp, or perhaps difficult or demanding clients bring about thoughts of “is this really worth it” or “is this really what I should be doing” trickle annoyingly into your mind in tiny droplets.

However it presents itself, those moments where you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for your business simply happen. Know that you are not alone. This is normal in the cycles of entrepreneurship (and many other things) and often the time just before great things happen.

But be aware that left unchecked, it can have far reaching effects in your business and life.

It can zap the much needed energy to do what you need to do. It can lead to bad decision making. Whether you are aware or not, you will be disengaged, missing opportunities of all kinds and not keeping up with the vision of where your business needs to be – and thus falling behind.

It more often than not lead to poor work. Uninspired work. “Because I have to” work, which affects the quality of your work and thus the desired outcomes. And that spiral leads to poorer and poorer results. If the joy of the moment is not present enough, clients collaborators and fans will sense that, too.

And let’s face it, it’s just no fun.
Enjoyment and freedom, working from a place of purpose and fulfillment is why we started, right? There will always be things that we like less, but when it feels like every morning is “time to make the donuts” that kinda sucks.

Ah! Remember when you first started your business? You were blooming with tons of ideas on how to make things better, bring your a-game? That excitement and passion that propelled you to create, create, create? It was all full of magic, hope, inspiration and yes, love! All kinds of feelings of love!

Here’s 2 ways you can get it back before it’s gone, gone, gone.

Step away from the screen.

Step away from your business for a little bit.
Get into nature. Visit a museum. Buy a cheap watercolour kit and splash some colours on a blank white paper.

Try not to tune out with something like tv, internet or even the movies. It is not about escape. It is about engaging and perhaps re-engaging with the song of life.

It’s about connecting with something bigger or greater, it’s about beauty, wisdom and meaning.

This is not time wasted. Quite the contrary. This is nourishment. Time invested in producing your best future work, doing it well and in a way only you can. Show up as the best you, reinvigorated and enthusiastic. In all areas of your life, your work being a big chunk of that.

Make sure to do it often. Not just surviving, but thriving. Getting the most out of all of the richness life has to offer.

Then come back to your business with new perspectives.

So, get on out there and get ready to feel the spark that comes just before a burst of creative energy and inspired action!

Write your manifesto.

This is about reconnecting with your why. It’s so important to get back to the soul and the purpose of your work. Back to the beginning.

More likely than not, everything has evolved from then, but the core, the essence, that golden thread…your raison-d’etre is most likely the same. And if by chance it’s not…then all the more reason to figure that out and write it down.

So, what are you here to say or declare to the world?

What about your industry do you love, and why?
What could be changed, and how do you want to / intend to make it better?

Once you have answered these questions in depth and you have written out your statement, brainstorm ideas about how you can make that happen.

What fresh action steps will bring you closer to fulfilling that purpose, sharing that message, creating real solutions to the problems that people come to you to solve?

Then, get to it.


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Sarena is the Chief Kick-in-the-pants-er, Business Blossomer and Soulful Sugar Sister who helps people transform their businesses from "meh" to MAGNIFICENT. With the heart of an artist and spirit of an entrepreneur, she dishes sugar & spice advice so you can make more moolah from your passion. Her refreshingly down-to-earth and down-to-business approach brings both JOY & RESULTS to her beloved clients.

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