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Liliana De Leo is a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer certified directly by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. She is a prominent teacher, fitness professional, and dynamic public speaker. Liliana’s energetic teaching style is influenced by her 20 year experience as fitness trainer in the field of health & wellness.

Liliana is a dedicated Laughter Fitness Professional with over 15 years experience helping people use laughter as a form of exercise to increase stamina, productivity and resilience. Her keynotes, trainings and classes have helped thousands of people live healthier and happier. Liliana offers Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher & Leader Trainings, Motivational Keynotes, and Stress Reduction Programs.

Testimonials for Liliana:

“Thank YOU! As for our team, I KNOW they enjoyed it. We are riding the high of the, “you’re awesome” yoga activity! It’s perfect in the workplace, and creates a “trend” that people can remember and relate to. It’s been really positive for our group and particularly bonding. Note that the rest of the day, we spent doing “carnival” activities… some of which were quite silly… and would not have been even HALF as successful had we not done your yoga class prior. Everyone had already put their egos on the back burner – so they were loose and ready to have fun and be silly. Really and truly, I love your yoga sessions, and it creates such a positive/safe atmosphere and buzz for any group.”
– Vanessa Sheilds – Banque de développement du Canada

“Thank YOU for your guidance, support and expertise. You are a great coach. What makes you great is the passion you bring with you; your vision of life… so positive and full of gratitude.”
– Joisie Gemma – Executive Director – CPE Foret Enchantee

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