Ladies Luncheon :: November 13, 2015 :: Vaudreuil

Playing BIG in a Boy’s Club

As one of the first women on the Toronto Stock Exchange floor, Danièle Soaré is no stranger to playing big in what was traditionally a Boy’s Club.

Soulful, always smiling, clever and full of wisdom, Danièle is the perfect mix of heart and brains, and on November 13th she will share her incredible story of overcoming the many challenges that faced her, and how she came to discover her mission for helping women take control of their finances, giving them a sense of calm, ease and confidence with all things money-related.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Danièle recount her story, and I know that you will be entertained! You will laugh (a lot) and you will feel inspired, (very).

Come and join us for another fabulous networking lunch in Vaudreuil with the wonderful women of We2!

Space is limited, kindly RSVP and grab your tickets below.

A WE² bit about Danièle:

Danièle Soaré  :: MemberDanièle Soaré is a money coach who helps her clients understand and feel at ease with all things “money.” She is not affiliated with any one institution, rather, she takes all of her client’s needs and lifestyle into consideration. It is with a holistic approach Danièle demystifies then helps her clients make the right decisions for themselves, creating a plan that makes sense for today while helping her clients achieve their dreams and goals. Daniele loves empowering people to take control and feel assured about their future.

Here is what Danièle has to say, “There are so many people getting 2nd and 3rd opinions for their tires or roof replacements…but rarely do they take the step to speak to someone else about their finances. Their finances are growing with them throughout their life …they start with their ‘gift money’ as children and end with their legacy to their loved ones.

Meanwhile, often during the in-between time — there is a money block or reliance on someone else to do the money-thinking. Having a Financial Coach guide both people/or at least the ‘managing’ individual can ensure confidence in all money matters.”

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11:45AM Friday, November 13th, 2015

Where :

Olivia RestaurantWE2 invite you to join us at Olivia Restaurant – 980 Avenue Saint Charles,Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8P5

980 Avenue Saint Charles,
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8P5

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Ticket / Billet :: Free for We2 Members


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