Ladies Luncheon :: March 27, 2015

Legal questions are on the mind of every entrepreneur, at every stage of business development.

You may be wondering about how trademarking or copyright law can help you protect your brand or your artwork. What does it mean if I don’t.

What’s the difference between trademarks and copyrights?
Imitation may be flattering, but when you work hard to give it all you’ve got, only to find out that somebody has infringed or is attempting to circumvent that process to benefit from your efforts, it is not fun – nor is it flattering.

And remember, nobody is immune. No matter how big or small.

What about disclaimers? Whether you do business locally or internationally, this is a must have for various reasons, and must cover certain criteria!

On our websites and for our practice, what needs to be there, not only to protect our brand, but to protect ourselves?

Perhaps you are wondering if incorporation is right for your business or how to start the process. Do you have other legal questions? Well look no further…

We2 are thrilled to have Attorney and Trademark and Intellectual Property Expert Ron Toledano join us on Friday, March 27th when We2-Meet for another fabulous Ladies Luncheon at Towne Hall!

When Ron last visited We2 as a guest speaker in 2013, he shared tips that transformed practically all of our businesses.

We2 will never forget with just one hint from Ron – one action that we could go home and immediately initiate (without spending a dime) – and voila! Immediately we were more protected and in control.

It was an empowering moment, to say the least.
What a fantastic and unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight from a lawyer and expert of this calibre.

A WE² bit about Ron :

Ron Toledano Known for combining his legal acumen with his business development skills, Ron works with clients ranging from inventors, entrepreneurs & start-ups at various stages of growth, to large publicly traded corporations. &

With tremendous experience in all of these areas, the engaging and lively Ron will leave us with strategies and practical tips, as well as a good sense of what steps you should take to protect yourself…AND be generously available for a Q & A! That’s pretty AMAZING.

Space is limited, and tickets are available starting today, and are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Please make sure to secure yours a.s.a.p. to avoid any potential disappointment.


12:00pm Friday, March 27th, 2015

Where :

Towne HallWE2 invite you to join us at Towne Hall – 50 Brunswick Pointe Claire

50 Brunswick Blvd.,
Pointe Claire, Qc H9B 2L3
(Near Boul. Des Sources)

Tickets :

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We2 Ticket / Billet :: $15

Ticket / Billet :: $15

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Ticket / Billet :: Free for We2 Members


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