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Joanne Giacomini is a writer, speaker and parent coach, at “Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance,” She also blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child,” She writes regularly about parenting and autism at “Huff Post Parents Canada”, “M List by the Suburban,” and “Parenting 101” by the Suburban. She has also been featured on “BlogHer Family-Special Needs,” “Yummy Mummy Club Canada,” “Scary Mommy”, “Her View From Home”, “Romper”, “KidsOutAndAbout,” and many other publications. She writes about parenting and lifestyle issues at “The Things” and “Baby Gaga.”

Joanne has a FREE EBOOK on HANDLING EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY ANXIETY available on her website, and is working on a book about how her son with autism has changed her life, “5 Ways My Exceptional Child Has Made Me an Exceptional Human Being.” She offers four coaching programs to help parents find the tools they need to address challenges with their children, as well as to help empower them in their own parenting journey. You can follow Joanne on Twitter.

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Joanne Giacomini
Parent Coach, Writer, Speaker
Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance

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