We2 Weekly Wisdom :: Sarena Miller

Make somebody’s Day! Today!

Make somebody’s Day! Today! Although it takes only seconds, a “Just Because” message of encouragement is one of the most uplifting things we can do for others…and surprisingly for ourselves! Have you ever received one in your inbox? Do you send them often? Imagine… Imagine what would happen if we each took just a minute [...]

Make Networking Work for YOU Tip#2

Tip # 2 Be Patient. It’s not only a virtue, it’s a smart business decision! Networking can be one of the most fun and rewarding things we do to grow our business. There is nothing quite like the connection that is made when we are face to face. Yes, things can happen quickly! We2 love [...]

Make Networking Work for YOU

In a talk entitled : “Make Networking Work for YOU” I recently shared some of my best insights on how to make the most of networking and the principles that I have seen work time and again through my own experience, and through all I have seen manifest in the almost 8 years of We2. [...]