Britta Heintzen

A We²-Bit® about Britta: Britta coaches, trains and develops executives, emerging leaders, and business professionals to help them embrace change, make more efficient decisions, and engage more deeply in their work and life. Testimonials for Britta: “As a personal coach Britta helped me to increase my understanding of my strength and weakness and my communication [...]

Geeta Suchak

A We²-Bit® about Geeta: Geeta’s information to come! Contact Geeta Suchak: Geeta Suchak Residential Real Estate broker Royal LePage Heritage Tel: 514-979-9920 Email: Send me an email

Stephanie Riddell

A We²-Bit® about Stephanie: I am passionate about removing VOC’s, eliminating toxic chemicals & improving the air quality in Canadian homes. Testimonials for Stephanie: “For the last 3 years team Éco Vert has been helping us and we are very happy with the consistent quality of their work. It’s great to leave your home in [...]

Cindy Riding

A We²-Bit® about Cindy: I help professionals and individuals communicate with confidence in second or third languge. The value comes in the journey. We get results by putting the learners first. The courses are tailored to the students specific needs. Relevant content keeps students engaged and interested! Testimonials for Cindy: “Depuis un moment, je reçois [...]

Priscilla Jabouin

A We²-Bit® about Priscilla: It’s possible to wake up every morning looking forward to your work day. Your life and career can have meaning and ignite your soul! As The Dream Job Catcher, Priscilla integrates her educational backgrounds in education and psychology (10+ years of experience teaching; 6+ years coaching/counselling), as well as her intensive [...]

Carina Groombridge

A We²-Bit® about Carina : Your days are filled with seemingly endless lists of things to do but when you look back on all you’ve accomplished do you ever realize the things that didn’t get done were the things for you? That guilt of taking any time for yourself creeps up and keeps you from [...]

Taline Tarpinian

A We²-Bit® about Taline: If you are going through physical or emotional burnout, a life transition, or you simply feel “stuck” in being idle, know that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Sometimes, life has a way of offering up more than we can handle. It can make us question [...]

Michele Vincent Felix

A We²-Bit® about Michele: Michelle`s information to come! Contact Michele Vincent Felix: Michele Vincent Felix Email: Send me an email

Maggie Costa

A We²-Bit® about Maggie: Maggie Costa is the Director of Development of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in Kirkland, Que. Maggie’s early chosen path was toward working with young offenders, but soon after successfully graduating with the specialty, she found herself drawn toward the corporate world. Within a couple of short years she progressed [...]

Sarah Black

A We²-Bit® about Sarah: I‘m so happy to have the opportunity to get to know this fabulous group of women! I am Sarah Black. My business partner Raquel and I, are committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals! As experienced home owners ourselves, we understand that buying and selling real estate is a [...]

Jessie Legent

A We²-Bit® about Jessie: I‘m a life & business coach, that’s NLP certified. I’m here to help you reach your goals faster and being fulfilled in every area of your life. I’m passionate about having the right mindset in order to push one’s limits. We often tend to approach things the same way and getting [...]

Patricia Levell

A We²-Bit® about Patricia: Patricia is a Counselling Psychologist/Psychotherapist who believes that people are fundamentally resilient and can be best helped within the context of a supportive, safe relationship. She is committed to helping her clients to develop self understanding and compassion for themselves while working towards making changes in their lives. In her practice, [...]

Christine Zarichuck

A We²-Bit® about Christine: Christine Zarichuck is founder of Art of Wellness – a health and wellness company dedicated to mindful living and whole-being transformation of body, mind and heart. She is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS), Older Adult Specialist (OAS) and Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach with canfitpro. During her training [...]

Lilla Martorana

A We²-Bit® about Lilla: Lilla’s information to come! Contact Lilla Martorana: Lilla Martorana Reiki Grandmaster Lilla LIGHTinU Tel: 514.825.3056 Website: Email: Send me an email

Jacinta Kemboi

A We²-Bit® about Jacinta: Jacinta is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Montreal, Canada. She has a Master of Science degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, U.S.A. Jacinta is a certified food scientist; one among the few 1500 internationally trained food scientists in the world today. Jacinta obtained a [...]

Vanessa Rice

A We²-Bit® about Vanessa: I am a mom of four crazy kids and an independent business owner with Stella and Dot, a jewelry and accessories company from the United States. Contact Vanessa Rice: Vanessa Rice Senior Stylist Stella & Dot Tel: 514.813.1066 Website: Email: Send me an email

Susan Hum

A We²-Bit® about Susan: Susan`s information to come! Contact Susan Hum: Susan Hum Holistic Life Strategist Email: Send me an email

Ana Lucia Lanatta

A We²-Bit® about Ana Lucia: Both spiritual and intellectual, a traveller and extremely curious woman, Ana Lucia will never stop learning about human beings. Extremely intrigued about the human’s mind and it’s potential, and having seen the excellent results coming from it,she helps people achieve their goals and heal themselves by unlocking their own power [...]

Sylvie Drouin

A We²-Bit® about Sylvie: Sylvie`s information to come! Contact Sylvie Drouin: Sylvie Drouin Investissements Drogui Tel: 514.562.1722 Email: Send me an email

Rhona Bachan

A We²-Bit® about Rhona: A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS supply High Quality Promotional Products with your Company Logo…to “PROMOTE YOUR BRAND” & “GET NEW CLIENTS”. We carry over 15000 products from USBs, Pens, Bags, Ipad Holders, Water Bottles, Mugs, Awards, Magnets, Polos & more. Contact Rhona Bachan: Rhona Bachan President A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS Tel: 514.695.9001 [...]

Ann Mary Caetano

A We²-Bit® about Ann Mary: Anne Mary`s information to come! Contact Ann Mary Caetano : Ann Mary Caetano Email: Send me an email

Julie Bourbeau

A We²-Bit® about Julie: Julie provides translation solutions to individuals, businesses and charitable organizations from all over Canada. With over 10 years of experience in her field, she prides itself on being thorough and reliable – always delivering on time and meeting her clients’ expectations. Julie works closely with other translators and revisers to ensure [...]

Heidi Clavet

A We²-Bit® about Heidi: Online business owner since 2012 and passionate about all things health and wellness. As a practicing physiotherapist and university educator, she saw patients over and over again downgrading what they needed to accommodate the finances they did not have. With a tight salary cap in health care, she decided to start [...]

Linda Mastroianni

A We²-Bit® about Linda: Linda Mastroianni is founder, writer, editor and blogger of and She is a certified life coach providing consulting services to special needs parents on many issues such as: moving forward after the diagnosis, divorce with a special needs child, dynamics of a blended family, special education, life skills strategies, [...]

Joanne Giacomini

A We²-Bit® about Joanne: Joanne Giacomini is a writer, speaker and parent coach, at “Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance,” She also blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child,” She writes regularly about parenting and autism at “Huff Post Parents Canada”, “M List by the Suburban,” and “Parenting 101” [...]

Myriam Boyd

A We²-Bit® about Myriam: I am an artist, musician, photographer, doll collector and social media specialist. I help people get started on social media to showcase their talents and gifts to the world. Testimonials for Myriam: “In a matter of minutes Mimi pulled me out of the dark ages and into the world and wonders [...]

Sandy Racicot-Day

A We²-Bit® about Sandy: Sandy Racicot-Day’s information to come! Contact Sandy Racicot-Day: Sandy Racicot-Day Tel: 450.202.0843 Email: Send me an email

Leah Kosatsky

A We²-Bit® about Leah: Leah’s information to come! Contact Leah Kosatsky: Leah Kosatsky Tel: 438-393-2823 Email: Send me an email

Julie Gedeon

A We²-Bit® about Julie: A communications specialist with 30-plus years of experience in journalism, writing, editing and writing instruction/coaching. Testimonials for Julie: “Julie Gedeon is so much more than my writing coach. She has become my trusted advisor on creative as well as strategic business projects. Working with her through private sessions and as part [...]

Wendy Boode

A We²-Bit® about Wendy: I am a multi-disciplinarian Artist & Designer, as well as an entrepreneur, proud mother and Founder of Urban Impressionz Inc., now in its 15th year. Myself, and a small team of creatives, can give your small business, a more professional look by providing uniforms, and clothing of any kind, with your [...]

Darlene Tandon

A We²-Bit® about Darlene: Darlene’s information to come! Contact Darlene Tandon: Darlene Tandon Email: Send me an email

Heidi Von Huene

A We²-Bit® about Heidi: Heidi’s information to come! Contact Heidi Von Huene: Heidi Von Huene Email: Send me an email

Natalie Best

A We²-Bit® about Natalie: Passionate Fair trade Entrepreneur encouraging artisans in Cambodia. Importer of natural soaps, spices and luxury home decor accessories. Certificate received from The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in 2015. Contact Natalie Best: Natalie Best Director Senteurs D’Angkor Canada Tel: 514.893.4200 Website: Email: Send me an email Social media:

Wendy Kennedy

A We²-Bit® about Wendy Lee: Postural mal-alignment is one of the key reasons for pain (sciatica, back pain, tendonitis and much more). A sprained ankle is a postural mal-alignment. Wendy Kennedy mechanically corrects all of this, easily and efficiently using a variety of modalities specially selected per client. Wendy Kennedy is a muscular / bio-mechanical [...]

Irene Andrejczuk

A We²-Bit® about Irene: I help women uncover their most troubling health and hormonal challenges by offering natural, safe, and effective solutions so they can experience vibrant health and feel their optimum best. Endocrine system ailments are my specialty and expertise. As well as running my private practice in Montreal, Canada, women from all parts [...]

Shannon Leibgott

A We²-Bit® about Shannon: I am a part owner and chef at my family run food business. Our mission is to make healthy, nutritious food accessible to the public. Contact Shannon Leibgott: Shannon Leibgott Co-owner & Chef Jarz Tel: 514-626-3659 Website: Email: Send me an email

Lise Gervais

A We²-Bit® about Lise: Lise is in charge of Jenetiqa’s international relations while also being part of the creative side of the business. She adds a dimension of sustainable development for the new products. With more than 25 years of experience in project management and business relations, Lise works on every aspect of the business, [...]

Manon Bonin

A We²-Bit® about Manon: Manon`s information to come! Contact Manon Bonin: Manon Bonin Creator/Designer Les Créations Manon Tel: 514.942.9469 Website: Email: Send me an email

Kim Vergil

A We²-Bit® about Kim: An Artist from as far back as I can remember. My first studio was set up in my childhood bedroom cupboard with a desk and art supplies where no one would interrupt me while I worked. Starting with a certification in Ceramics Technology I soon discovered that All the Arts were [...]

Andrea Mühlebach

A We²-Bit® about Andrea: ReflexOasis is just that – an oasis of Rest, Relaxation and Repair. Reflexology, which is so much more than a mere “foot massage for sore feet” – is a holistic, non-invasive therapy which addresses not just the physical level of a person, but his/her emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. [...]

Stephanie Azran

A We²-Bit® about Stephanie: I am a freelance content writer, blogger and social media manager. Words come easily to me. If they don’t come easily to you, I’ll take your notes and bullet points and put it all together. I create content in a variety of industries, including health and fitness, travel, and e-commerce. Contact [...]

Sheila Bicknell

A We²-Bit® about Sheila: Oracle Card Readings for guidance, insight, connection, confirmation, light & support! There is a wisdom that comes through the cards and through the Oracle, something that is not hidden or shielded. It is the truth brought forward, with the highest love and best intentions. Working with the oracle cards as my [...]

Toni Pigeon

A We²-Bit® about Toni: Allergy & Nutrition – River of Health. Toni Pigeon helps those who suffer from allergies or intolerances, using the principles of bio-energy – a simple, non-invasive, drug-free method that enables the body to create natural balance, therefore alleviating suffering. Toni’s clients find the freedom to live their lives without fear of [...]

Velcia Scott

A We²-Bit® about Velcia: Velcia`s information to come! Contact Velcia Scott: Velcia Scott Tel: 514.979.1900 Email: Send me an email

Michelle Bohemier

A We²-Bit® about Michelle: Michelle`s information to come! Contact Michelle Bohemier: Michelle Bohemier Email: Send me an email

Sazini Nzula

A We²-Bit® about Sazini: I am a certified qigong massage therapist, scientist, eternal optimist and creative thinker who is devoted to empowering you with the tools you needs to make your special-needs family thrive. As the mother of two boys with autism I have spent the last 10 years ensuring that my family doesn’t just [...]

Lesia Prystupa

A We²-Bit® about Lesia: Artist. Out of the box thinker. Designer of handmade fashion accessories, fashion stylist and author of ‘Mints of The Day’- a life & fashion commentary. Website featuring creations. Lesia was formally trained in Fashion Design at Montreal’s LaSalle College. Aside from fashion school, she further broadened the depth of her knowledge [...]

Melissa Dawn

A We²-Bit® about Melissa: Success comes in different flavours. As a life and business coach, Melissa helps entrepreneurs build a business that fits their values and creates the lifestyle they crave. Her specialty is helping people transition out of their day jobs and into building orgasmically joyful businesses. She left her successful career as a [...]

Julia Chiarella-Genoni

A We²-Bit® about Julia: Julia is a self-taught social media influencer and it all started with her blog, Ask Mama MOE. Prior to starting a family, Julia worked in writing and editing, shortly after graduating with a degree in English Literature. After she married, her and her husband moved to Milan, Italy which opened doors [...]

Rosalie Levi

A We²-Bit® about Rosalie: I am an Interior Designer and professional artist. I help people in their home and business create spaces that promote productivity, harmony, and a sense of well being. Testimonials for Rosalie: “Rosalie has helped me with some small renovation projects over the years. She listens well to make sure she understands [...]

Geneviève Richer

A We²-Bit® about Geneviève: Hi! I’m Genevieve, the Superchick behind Superchickland! I’m a Desire Map Facilitator, a trendsetting Concept Stylist + Event Coach. I laugh really loud, I love deeply & I crave location independent work like an addict craves coffee! I’m a multi-passionate creative who believes that everything we do should be way elevated! [...]

Debbie Donelle

A We²-Bit® about Debbie: Dou have probably heard the statistic that approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. As a professional bra-fitter, Debbie Donelle would say that number is low. Most of the women who come through the doors of DEBra Lingerie in Montreal are wearing the wrong bra size and looking [...]

Evelynne Egan

A We²-Bit® about Evelynne: Evelynne’s information to come. Contact Evelynne Egan: Evelynne Egan Editor-in-Chief Website: Email: Send me an email

Nancy Harrison

A We²-Bit® about Nancy: I am a photographer and co-owner of one of the largest websites for the city of Montreal and surrounding areas. We offer advertising opportunities to local businesses with a reach that extends beyond the boarders of Montreal. We also offer internet marketing services like website design-social media management and email marketing. [...]

Stephanie Moram

A We²-Bit® about Stephanie: Stephanie’s information to come! Contact Stephanie Moram: Stephanie Moram Email: Send me an email

Carolina Merizalde

A We²-Bit® about Carolina: With her modern designs that carry a timeless elegance, floral artist Carolina Merizalde brings a welcomed, fresh perspective to the world of flora. A former engineer and amateur singer, Carolina brings her appreciation for clean, bold lines, sculptural shapes and combines it with modern-day romance and joie-de-vivre that only flowers can [...]

Claudine Campeau

A We²-Bit® about Claudine: Claudine’s information to come! Contact Claudine Campeau: Claudine Campeau Directrice générale Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest-de-l’Île West Island Assistance Fund Tel: 514.919.6397 Website: Email: Send me an email

Maïté Gomez

A WE² bit about Maïté: Empowered Women Workshops Sandra Reich M.Ed and Maite Gomez B.Sc are two renowned therapists who are on a mission to help women help themselves. Since 2009, Sandra and Maite have been hosting a series of inspirational workshops that introduce and demonstrate simple and effective techniques, that are designed to empower [...]

Monique Morais

A WE² bit about Monique: I am an Independent Consultant for a line of Swiss health and wellness products. We offer a range of products from skin care and anti-aging to cosmetics and nutrition I also love to coach individuals who are passionate about building their own business and pursuing their dreams. We2 Members to [...]

Linda Cooke

A WE² bit about Linda Cooke: Linda Cooke’s information to come! Contact Linda Linda Cooke

Griselde Delahaye

A WE² bit about Griselde Delahaye: Griselde Delahaye’s information to come! Contact Griselde Delahaye Griselde Delahaye

Cathy Cochrane

A We²-Bit® about Cathy: As a certified Naturotherapist, Cathy Cochrane has been guiding women to heal from the inside out, since 2006. “Women visit my holistic health practice with anything from digestive upset & the stress of weight, to monthly pain to anxiety. No matter the issue at hand, ultimately I guide women to lay [...]

Renee Mollitt

A We²-Bit® about Renee: Renee is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance and the IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists specializing in teaching therapeutically oriented, gentle, restorative and pain care yoga. Her trainings include well over 600 hours of yoga teacher trainings, therapeutic yoga trainings and pain care trainings and workshops. Renee also [...]

Lori Vinaric

A We²-Bit® about Lori: I am a clinical social worker in private practice, specializing in grief and loss. With years spent in the field from home care to running an RI, working at the West Island Palliative Care Residence and facilitating their support groups, I have experience working with all age groups and life stages. [...]

Sherry Nash

A We²-Bit® about Sherry: I am a certified professional coach and reiki master who has a passion to help people quit their annoying habits to free up their time, money and energy so that they can live their wish lists! Testimonials for Sherry: “Sherry has a tremendous depth of knowledge and is tremendously effective in [...]

Doreen Mary Bray

A We²-Bit® about Doreen Mary: An internationally sought-after energetic healer and teacher with over 30 years experience in natural and energetic healing modalities. One of Montreal’s leading Mind-Body-Soul specialist. I have a private practice. Teach Energetic Anatomy classes that are 12 weeks long with10 levels of study, give weekend workshops, retreats, evening meditations, teach Shamanism, [...]

Sue-Anne Hickey

A We²-Bit® about Sue-Anne: Sue-Anne Hickey is a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist. Sue-Anne came to naturopathy and healthy eating through her experience with yoga in 1990 which completely transformed her life. Her passion is in helping her clients heal their ailments naturally, lose weight, and regain their energy and happiness using a personalized [...]

Danièle Soaré

A We²-Bit® about Danièle: Let me tell you a little bit about my background and why I chose this area of expertise. After working in finance for 27 years, I asked myself, ”What can I do with all this knowledge and experience? How can I put it to good use and help people, especially those [...]

Jessica Romano

A WE² bit about Jessica: Jessica’s information to come! Contact Jessica: Jessica Romano

Annika Diehl

A We²-Bit® about Annika: Annika`s information to come! Contact Annika Diehl: Annika Diehl Artist Tel: 514-825-6608 Website: Email: Send me an email

Margaret Gurinskas

A WE² bit about Margaret: Magnolia Reflexology is a home-based holistic oasis serving the community of Pointe Claire and the West Island of Montreal. We are proud to pamper clients who come to the West Island just to experience the magic of Magnolia Reflexology. We understand the mind-body-spirit connection, and treat our clients to a [...]

Dagmar Daghofer

A WE² bit about Dagmar: Dagmar was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age, when her Austrian parents introduced her to the big-city sights and simple country pleasures of Europe. Dagmar spent many summers in a little town just outside Salzburg – still her favourite European city. An early cruiser, she might [...]

Carol Ketelson

A We²-Bit® about Carol: Carol’s travelling days began with working at a medical meeting management company. For 7 years, she organized meetings for doctors, technicians, nurses and pharmaceutical companies in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. From 20 to 700 attendees, organizing conferences, events, excursions and dinners, it certainly was a perfect way to hone in [...]

Tanya Toledano

A We²-Bit® about Tanya: Tanya Toledano is the Founder of Inc., Montreal’s most comprehensive web resource for English-speaking moms. Boasting over 400 pages for moms of all stages, the site also features a daily blog where Tanya shares thoughts & anecdotes as well as reviews on mom-relevant items & services. Tanya is a strong [...]

Jeannie Zilber

A We²-Bit® about Jeannie: My name is Jeannie Zilber and, along with my husband Sam, own and operate a company called Dignité. Our mission is to help seniors and others with problems like arthritis be independent in their daily lives. We started this company 7 years ago when we found my mother-in-law at 84 year’s [...]

Natalka Lee

A We²-Bit® about Natalka: Natalka is the owner and Principal planner for Natalka Celebrations. She has been planning events for more than 15 years. Her love of the celebration and creating the perfect event has made her work her life love. She has successfully planned everything from small intimate dinner parties to business meetings, corporate [...]

Wanda Malfara

A We²-Bit® about Wanda: Wanda is an artist. She brings her creative eye as a painter to her work as a lifestyle photographer, specializing in portraiture. Impassioned by a diverse and adventurous life that has allowed her to travel the world; her joie de vivre is evident in the creative elements of her artwork and [...]

Gabriela Embon

A We²-Bit® about Gabriela: Gabriela is a certified life coach that specializes in men’s personal growth. She is trained in a wide range of coaching methodologies that support personal and professional goals. She coaches men to push past limiting beliefs and to stop the cycles that do not serve them anymore. Among many techniques and [...]

Sarena Miller

A We²-Bit® about Sarena: Described as a “firecracker and a dynamo” by some of the leading speakers and business women, Sarena exudes passion and heart with her strong inspirational message combined with down-to-earth, practical business advice. With the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sarena delights in helping other heart-centred and [...]

Marion Dana

A We²-Bit® about Marion: Driven by her desire to protect and defend others, Marion Dana became a lawyer and member of the Quebec Bar in 2006, after obtaining and LL.B. from the Université de Montréal in 2005. She has her own firm located in the Beaurepaire Village of Beaconsfield. Marion specializes in matters of Family [...]

Heidi Reich

A We²-Bit® about Heidi: Heidi Reich’s information to come! Contact Heidi Reich: Heidi Reich Veterinarian Tel: +43 660 496 35 36 Website: Email: Send me an email

Nicole Thévenet

A WE² bit about Nicole: Nicole Thévenet is the Business Development manager for the West Island branch of Comfort Keepers. Comfort Keepers is the first and only private company, accredited by the Conseil Québécois d’agrément,. With over 650 offices worldwide, and over 400 insured, bonded, and Garda verified caregivers in the Montreal area, Comfort Keepers [...]

Silvana Misantone

A We²-Bit® about Silvana: Signature Invitation is the entrepreneurial vision of Silvana Misantone. Since June 2010, Silvana Misantone and Signature Invitation have been providing clients from across North America with a stylish, haute couture approach to creating personalized invitation and stationary accessories. Importing unique collections of sumptuous papers and fabrics from all four corners of [...]

Robina Nicol

A We²-Bit® about Robina: I’m leading a double life… with a plethora of creative/business fields behind me; I’ve indulged myself with two remaining passions – palmistry and art. As an intuitive and a lifetime of study and practice, I offer Professional Palmistry with a difference…. My service includes numerology and an astrological forecast, a perfect [...]

Andrea Duchesne

A WE² bit about Andrea: Are you starting a new business or career? Perhaps buying or selling a home? Are you going through a divorce and want to know you are making the right decisions when it comes to your financial future? Are you questioning your plan for retirement? Do your calls or concerns to [...]

Monica de Liz

A WE² bit about Monica: Dreading your wardrobe? Nothing to wear? Yep, it’s time to heal and transform your relationship with your closet sista. You were born to shine, not hide your radiance under ordinary clothes. We’ve been taught to focus on our flaws rather than celebrate what we’ve got. But, what if you could [...]

Dahna Weber

A We²-Bit® about Dahna: Minc/ Motherhood Incorporated is a network of over 250 professional moms who have left the corporate world who do everything from web design, translation, SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), graphic art, business plans, grant applications, copy writing, blog writing, business administration….you name it! Minc is run by Dahna [...]

Tara Bissett

A We²-Bit® about Tara: Tara is an actor, singer and voice-over artist based in Montreal, QC. She has performed in musical and non-musical theatre, as well as film, with selected credits including: Wife Begins at Forty (Linda) with Hudson Village Theatre, Pool (No Water) (Penny), directed by Gordon McCall, Highlights of RENT in Concert (Maureen), [...]

Marion Elliot

A WE² bit about Marion: Marion Elliot, BSc, NHC, DHHP I am an international award-winning speaker and life vision catalyst for Women in the Power Years. I teach women over fifty to claim the benefits of the ‘Third Age’, by reconnecting with their purpose and vision, to unlock their power potential. My programmes show you [...]

Anne Whelan

A We²-Bit® about Anne: Anne Whelan is a stained glass artist that has had a passion for glass ever since she was a young adult. It all started with the copper foil method (Tiffany) followed by lead came and then hot glass and grisaille (painting on glass) were added to her skills. Anne shares her [...]

Carrie Katz

A We²-Bit® about Carrie: As a Creativity Coach, I work within Creative Fields and as a Life/Business Coach. My approach helps clients achieve goals such as: clarity, purpose, vision, innovation and life/work balance! Carrie Katz is a graduate of Concordia University’s Professional and Personal Certified Coaching (PPCC) program. A member of ICF (International Coach Federation) [...]

Heather Boyd – Artist, Jewelry designer

A We²-Bit® about Heather: Welcome to the wonderful world of wire! I have been custom making unique wire art in Montreal for over 25 years. My jewelry and our custom wedding cake toppers can be seen on my website and on I love creating jewelry, bookmarks and ornaments with your logo or ideas. You [...]

Liliana De Leo

A We²-Bit® about Liliana: Liliana De Leo is a Laughter Yoga Master Trainer certified directly by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. She is a prominent teacher, fitness professional, and dynamic public speaker. Liliana’s energetic teaching style is influenced by her 20 year experience as fitness trainer in the field of health & [...]

Julia Di Nardo – Psychologist

A We²-Bit® about Julia: Dr. Julia Di Nardo is a Psychologist specializing in helping adults who are struggling with emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and body image issues. By getting to the root of the problem and resolving the issues holding you back from being happier and healthier, you can heal your relationship with food, your [...]

Tina Romano

A We²-Bit® about Tina: Tina Romano is a Regression Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist who works with people who want to heal their past. She takes her clients on a journey back in time in order to overcome and resolve deeply held pain. The process facilitates healing on all levels – mind, body, soul and beyond. [...]

Suzannah Baum, Ideal Communications

A We²-Bit® about Suzannah: A presentation skills specialist, executive speech coach and speaker, Suzannah helps entrepreneurs, business professionals and experts unleash their ultimate speaking potential. With more than 10 years experience in the public speaking field, Suzannah teaches both new and experienced speakers how create and deliver structured, engaging and powerful presentations, allowing them to [...]

Heidi Miller

A We²-Bit® about Heidi: Heidi Miller’s information to come! Contact Heidi Miller: Heidi Miller Photographer

Jennifer Lonergan

A We²-Bit® about Jennifer: After completing a PhD in (women’s) history, Jennifer Lonergan taught at the University, college and high school levels before achieving teacher’s burnout in record time. She subsequently moved back to Canada from Europe, where she’d lived for 11 years, and took up a position at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in [...]