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Britta Heintzen

Transformations Engineer
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Britta coaches, trains and develops executives, emerging leaders, and business professionals to help them embrace change, make more efficient decisions, and engage more deeply in their work and life.

Testimonials for Britta:

“As a personal coach Britta helped me to increase my understanding of my strength and weakness and my communication style in stress condition and in normal condition. She helped to set my personal goals and to remain focused on achieving these goals. Thanks to our coaching sessions I became a better professional and a happier person.”
– Damien Cavailler, Engineering Project Manager

“I worked with Britta as my personal coach and have found the results staggering. She helped me to stretch my thinking, set broader goals and has motivated me to achieve greater results, faster. Her enthusiasm, humor and warmth make each session with Britta like a meeting an old friend. With Britta you will enact positive lasting changes that will lead to greater success. I highly recommend Britta for anyone who is ready for a transformational experience tailored to your own needs.”
– Ron Gagnier, Biz Owner, Analyst, Designer

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Britta Heintzen
Organizational Activator, Executive Coach
Plan4Results, Global Engineering Transformations

Tel: 514-220-5570
Email: Send me an email
Social media: @plan4results