Our We2 Members’ Book Club is thrilled to reveal our next Book Club book: “Abundance Now” by Lisa Nichols! Get ready to feel more abundant in ALL areas of your life. Lisa Nichols is a powerhouse, a speaker, media personality and transformational guru helping people around the globe believe in themselves and exponentially up their [...]

Get ready to be unshakably inspired & confident! We2 is absolutely thrilled to welcome motivational & inspirational speaker Claudia Nigrelli on September 28th, 2018. At the tender age of seven Claudia was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa – and was told that within a year, she would lose all form of whatever vision remained. Despite numerous [...]

Grow Your Community & Influence with Podcasting! We2 know podcasting is hotter than ever, and with it comes an abundance of opportunities! There’s a whole untapped market for your business or niche in the podcasting world! With the proliferation of smart mobile devices and on-the-go listening trends, having your own show can help you grow [...]

The Spirit of Money with Daniele Soare Are you to ready to up your money-game this year? Are you ready to take your business – and life – to a level you deserve? Are you finally ready for joy and peace of mind? Taking a peek at our financial situation and creating a plan of [...]

We2 Intimate Brunch. Next in the We2 Exclusive Intimate Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a delightful meal and [...]

Why I went to bed at 9:30 on New Years Eve. Know that feeling, like when you are hungry but you don’t really how hungry until you take that first bite? Or when you are tired, but you don’t really notice until you sit down? Well, that summed up my holiday! Lol! After a wonderful [...]

We2 Wisdom Interview with Member Heather Boyd!. I had a chance to sit down with We2 Member Heather Boyd, and it is definitely a MUST WATCH for everybody – no matter what biz you are in! It’s FILLED with action-ables, inspiration & real-world business advice that’ll help YOU rock your biz to the bank! (And [...]

Happy Hallowe’en! It has always been my favourite holiday, when imagination could run completely free, and we could run along with it! Dressing up in poorly-sewn costumes and handmade tinfoil crowns or sparkly green antennae…welcoming things usually unseen yet somehow feared and inviting them to frolic and celebrate among us. And the sweets…OH the sweets! [...]

From idea to multi million-dollar company. I have a wonderful episode of Wisdom for you today! Eeek! SO excited to share! You’re going to get SUPER inspired! I had the privilege of sitting down with the Co-Founder of Varage Sale, Tami Zuckerman Mercier! Tami is an incredible woman, a powerhouse with a huge heart! Incredibly [...]

There’s a LOT of BUZZ around intentions and visioning exercises swirling around because, well… it’s the beginning of the year. It’s a GREAT time to plan and dream a little bigger! Maybe a lot bigger! The beginning of the year is a benchmark, a fresh start, a time for hope and setting your sights higher! [...]

Hear that beat? When you wake in the morning, as you wipe away the sleepies and prepare to make another day awesome….what’s playing in your mind? Is it Vivaldi’s Spring, the William Tell overture (we all know as that “Morning Song”)? Maybe some days it’s “Walking on Sunshine” – and others the Darth Vader theme. [...]

Giving is profitable. And there is no better person to explore this time-tested and true business principle than with the original Go-Giver himself; world renown speaker and best-selling author, Mr. Bob Burg. I had a chance to interview Bob for our relaunch of Wisdom the show, where Bob shares his wisdom on how to attract [...]

Day 3…

Maybe this has happened to you before? I recently made a specific commitment to my craft by painting something quickly everyday, for about a half hour. I started by finding a fascinating watercolour portrait, and decided to copy as best I could for 7 days. The first day Seemed pretty good. Following with swift brush [...]

Your Voice.

Themes and patterns always present themselves as if by divine magic. Maybe it is about seeking them out, and believing that the purpose – the message – is always there, you just have to find it. The lesson that so clearly jumps out at me this week is about our own unique voice! Discovering who [...]