We2 has something super special for our beloved Members! Coming up this Wednesday, join us for our first-ever We2 Coffee Klatch! It’s your online networking mid-week boost, so you can slay the rest of the week, woohoo! Get RECHARGED & RE-ENERGIZED sipping your morning coffee with the girls! We have networking, a special 5 minute [...]

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it’s way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

Britta Heintzen

A We²-Bit® about Britta: Britta coaches, trains and develops executives, emerging leaders, and business professionals to help them embrace change, make more efficient decisions, and engage more deeply in their work and life. Testimonials for Britta: “As a personal coach Britta helped me to increase my understanding of my strength and weakness and my communication [...]

Mind Mapping, Creative & Strategic Thinking Would you like to… Think faster and be more focused each day? Manage information overload better? Learn more and improve your memory? Increase your productivity by 10-20 % each week? Britta will inspire you with the leading edge & creative thinking technique that expands the way you think: Mind [...]

SALES are the lifeblood of your business. Not enough sales = no more sharing your passion or gifts. That means the world loses out on your awesomeness! It means not living the lifestyle that you desire. But maybe the thought of selling or the sales process leaves you a little – or a lot – [...]

Power Your Mind To Abundance with Susan Hum Do you crave financial freedom to do all the things you want to do in life? Do you know that you are far from your potential and don’t know how to achieve greater levels in life? Are you tired of being stuck in the same pattern/behavior going [...]

Français We2 coming with another PURE Networking series in Downtown Montreal! If you are woman in biz or a budding entrepreneur, WE2 brings you together with other like-minded women to connect, learn, share and grow! Find referrals, collaborations, or simply get that mid-week boost of energy and “you got this” inspiration to power you through! [...]

Cocktail Hour April 5th We2 Welcomes you to Cocktail Hour, part of our Pure Networking series! On April 5th we’ll be at Drinkerie in Montreal’s charming “Little Burgundy.” Bring your business cards, grab some refreshments, perhaps a signature cocktail, glass of wine or some tasty upscale bar snacks, and have fun networking with the most [...]

Pure Networking Ladies Luncheon :: April 13th, 2018 :: Vaudreuil We2 wants to showcase YOU! We2 Ladies Luncheon We2 have a very special luncheon planned. This “Show and Tell” is a chance to go beyond the 30 second “infomercial” Join us for our next pure networking to share & connect with more people, and extra [...]

Cindy Riding

A We²-Bit® about Cindy: I help professionals and individuals communicate with confidence in second or third languge. The value comes in the journey. We get results by putting the learners first. The courses are tailored to the students specific needs. Relevant content keeps students engaged and interested! Testimonials for Cindy: “Depuis un moment, je reçois [...]

Priscilla Jabouin

A We²-Bit® about Priscilla: It’s possible to wake up every morning looking forward to your work day. Your life and career can have meaning and ignite your soul! As The Dream Job Catcher, Priscilla integrates her educational backgrounds in education and psychology (10+ years of experience teaching; 6+ years coaching/counselling), as well as her intensive [...]


MASTER COLOUR During this special conference exclusive to We2 Marie—Chantal will reveal secrets on how to use colour efficiently, its effect on our subconscious and share some tips that enable her to predict the trends of tomorrow. A We2 bit about Marie-ChantalGraduate from world—renowned school, The Creative Circus, Marie—Chantal has always been fascinated by colour. [...]


Reach a Broader Audience with Video! It’s a jungle out there. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Facebook sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time. Sharing your message on social media can be easy, but there is no guarantee that anyone will see it or even care. How [...]

We2 Intimate Dinner. In Vaudreuil! The We2 Exclusive Dinner Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a glass of wine [...]

BRING THE MAGIC & BELIEVE We are starting 2018 with our annual Vision Day on January 26th! This year’s theme: BRING THE MAGIC & BELIEVE. Each year all participants get to write a letter to themselves…filled with their goals, dreams, things you are proud of, things you wish to manifest…and of course also filled with [...]

Save theses 2018 dates, bebe! You must be super excited to make this an absolutely WONDERTASTIC year for YOU & your BIZ! Whether you are an old school paper agenda user, or you need to pull out your phone, your google or your outlook – it makes no difference! Just do it now! Take a [...]

You’re so fancy. I already know. ;) IT’S TIME TO celebrate together! This year We2 are getting together for a fabulous Holiday lunch – pure fun, pure networking. It’s a celebration of all of YOU. Each other. Our inner & outer sparkle. To celebrate everywhere we’ve been – and everywhere we are going! It’s a [...]

Taline Tarpinian

A We²-Bit® about Taline: If you are going through physical or emotional burnout, a life transition, or you simply feel “stuck” in being idle, know that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Sometimes, life has a way of offering up more than we can handle. It can make us question [...]

We2 Intimate. First in the We2 Exclusive Dinner Series is a chance for a smaller gathering of We2 Members to get to know each other and bond on a deeper level, making important business connections. The group is smaller, the pace is slower, the conversation deeper, the friendships strong. Enjoy a glass of wine over [...]

We2 Holiday Extravaganza is back! And “We2” are super excited! This year, We2 are bringing back our AWESOME Holiday event! Network with other business owners, meet some cool local businesses! This event is open to Members & guests, (YES, EVEN GUYS) and is FREE – But RSVP’s are a MUST. Also, it will be a [...]

Rock Your Elevator Pitch! Do you freeze when people ask you, “So, what do you do?” I mean, you know it’s a great opportunity to spread the word about your biz, right? The one you work so hard on building! Or perhaps… standing up to give your infomercial at We2 events make your knees shake? [...]

Elevate Your Brand Image Today, more than ever, people want to be connected to the person behind the business. In our image-heavy world, where selfies reign; where you are bound to get Googled and found on Facebook, We2 wants to know…are you answering the digital door and welcoming people to your awesome party – in [...]

Maggie Costa

A We²-Bit® about Maggie: Maggie Costa is the Director of Development of the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre in Kirkland, Que. Maggie’s early chosen path was toward working with young offenders, but soon after successfully graduating with the specialty, she found herself drawn toward the corporate world. Within a couple of short years she progressed [...]

Feel more confident, empowered, and secure! Elevate your awareness, recognize signs, prevent, de-escalate a situation and yes, defend yourself AND escape with your loved ones should you need to. You are not helpless in any situation, but have a power and strength reserve that you can tap into. Just like CPR, you hope you never [...]


Postponed. We will keep you posted!Your business trip of a lifetime. Want more clients? What about a bevvy of people who look forward to working with YOU! Want a business that feels BLISSFUL? That has you waking up EXCITED? Maybe you are just looking for the inspiration – to finally show up and do that [...]

We2™ Annual Picnic Party Fun, Sun, games and Networking! Woohoo! Our annual picnic is on it’s way! Get ready for some fun in the sun (with just enough shade). Each year we put on our summer frocks and hats and enjoy a lades luncheon “plein-air.” What a blast to be able to share some fresh [...]

6 Steps to Creating Business Bliss Are you ready to transform your business from “meh” to magnificent? Ahhh…Business Bliss. That sweet spot. When Unicorns dance and it rains glitter! Feel like there is MORE waiting for you and your business? More IMPACT, more FUN, more freedom and more money… (like, a lot more money)? Whether [...]

We2 Welcomes Michael Glazer, Co-founder & C.E.O. of Premier Service Inc. One of Canada’s fastest growing companies! Brace yourself! In this fast-paced information-packed presentation, Michael Glazer, co-founder and CEO of Premier Service, is going to show you more tips and techniques about growing your business that you have ever seen in any one hour block [...]

Français Sold Out!!! We2 coming with another PURE Networking series in Downtown Montreal! If you are woman in biz or a budding entrepreneur, WE2 brings you together with other like-minded women to connect, learn, share and grow! Find referrals, collaborations, or simply get that mid-week boost of energy and “you got this” inspiration to power [...]

Jessie Legent

A We²-Bit® about Jessie: I‘m a life & business coach, that’s NLP certified. I’m here to help you reach your goals faster and being fulfilled in every area of your life. I’m passionate about having the right mindset in order to push one’s limits. We often tend to approach things the same way and getting [...]

Patricia Levell

A We²-Bit® about Patricia: Patricia is a Counselling Psychologist/Psychotherapist who believes that people are fundamentally resilient and can be best helped within the context of a supportive, safe relationship. She is committed to helping her clients to develop self understanding and compassion for themselves while working towards making changes in their lives. In her practice, [...]

A We²-Bit® about Christine: Christine Zarichuck is founder of Art of Wellness – a health and wellness company dedicated to mindful living and whole-being transformation of body, mind and heart. She is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS), Older Adult Specialist (OAS) and Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach with canfitpro. During her training [...]

Lilla Martorana

A We²-Bit® about Lilla: Lilla’s information to come! Contact Lilla Martorana: Lilla Martorana Reiki Grandmaster Lilla LIGHTinU Tel: 514.825.3056 Website: Email: Send me an email

Jacinta Kemboi

A We²-Bit® about Jacinta: Jacinta is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Montreal, Canada. She has a Master of Science degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, U.S.A. Jacinta is a certified food scientist; one among the few 1500 internationally trained food scientists in the world today. Jacinta obtained a [...]

Special Members only webinar Get ready to learn how to network like a pro. It’s easy, it’s fun and it is BY FAR one of the best ways to grow your business! For the last decade, I have had a front row seat in the field of Networking. I have studied and read, witnessed the [...]

Ana Lucia Lanatta

A We²-Bit® about Ana Lucia: Both spiritual and intellectual, a traveller and extremely curious woman, Ana Lucia will never stop learning about human beings. Extremely intrigued about the human’s mind and it’s potential, and having seen the excellent results coming from it,she helps people achieve their goals and heal themselves by unlocking their own power [...]

Rhona Bachan

A We²-Bit® about Rhona: A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS supply High Quality Promotional Products with your Company Logo…to “PROMOTE YOUR BRAND” & “GET NEW CLIENTS”. We carry over 15000 products from USBs, Pens, Bags, Ipad Holders, Water Bottles, Mugs, Awards, Magnets, Polos & more. Contact Rhona Bachan: Rhona Bachan President A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS Tel: 514.695.9001 [...]

Julie Bourbeau

A We²-Bit® about Julie: Julie provides translation solutions to individuals, businesses and charitable organizations from all over Canada. With over 10 years of experience in her field, she prides itself on being thorough and reliable – always delivering on time and meeting her clients’ expectations. Julie works closely with other translators and revisers to ensure [...]

Heidi Clavet

A We²-Bit® about Heidi: Online business owner since 2012 and passionate about all things health and wellness. As a practicing physiotherapist and university educator, she saw patients over and over again downgrading what they needed to accommodate the finances they did not have. With a tight salary cap in health care, she decided to start [...]

Cultivating Confidence :: November 25th, 2016 :: West Island Imagine feeling much more confident about the work that you do, more confident with the rates you charge…confident about your own value and worth. Imagine what kind of an impact that has on YOU and your wonderful spirit, but also on the clients and prospects that [...]

A We²-Bit® about Linda: Linda Mastroianni is founder, writer, editor and blogger of and She is a certified life coach providing consulting services to special needs parents on many issues such as: moving forward after the diagnosis, divorce with a special needs child, dynamics of a blended family, special education, life skills strategies, [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: June 10, 2016 :: Vaudreuil You spend countless hours looking for ways to grow your business; social media, spending time perfecting your service and/or product, and you make sure to micro manage all the paper work that comes with owning a business. But do you take the time to improve the human [...]

Joanne Giacomini

A We²-Bit® about Joanne: Joanne Giacomini is a writer, speaker and parent coach, at “Exceptional Parenting/Exceptional Balance,” She also blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child,” She writes regularly about parenting and autism at “Huff Post Parents Canada”, “M List by the Suburban,” and “Parenting 101” [...]

Ladies Luncheon :: May 27, 2016 :: West Island LinkedIn is a powerful business tool to help grow your business. However, few people actually maximize the incredible potential of connecting with and finding clients with their unique profile – or their LinkedIn strategy. On May 27th we are super excited to welcome our very own [...]

Myriam Boyd

A We²-Bit® about Myriam: I am an artist, musician, photographer, doll collector and social media specialist. I help people get started on social media to showcase their talents and gifts to the world. Testimonials for Myriam: “In a matter of minutes Mimi pulled me out of the dark ages and into the world and wonders [...]

Julie Gedeon

A We²-Bit® about Julie: A communications specialist with 30-plus years of experience in journalism, writing, editing and writing instruction/coaching. Testimonials for Julie: “Julie Gedeon is so much more than my writing coach. She has become my trusted advisor on creative as well as strategic business projects. Working with her through private sessions and as part [...]

Wendy Boode

A We²-Bit® about Wendy: I am a multi-disciplinarian Artist & Designer, as well as an entrepreneur, proud mother and Founder of Urban Impressionz Inc., now in its 15th year. Myself, and a small team of creatives, can give your small business, a more professional look by providing uniforms, and clothing of any kind, with your [...]

Natalie Best

A We²-Bit® about Natalie: Passionate Fair trade Entrepreneur encouraging artisans in Cambodia. Importer of natural soaps, spices and luxury home decor accessories. Certificate received from The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in 2015. Contact Natalie Best: Natalie Best Director Senteurs D’Angkor Canada Tel: 514.893.4200 Website: Email: Send me an email Social media:

Wendy Kennedy

A We²-Bit® about Wendy Lee: Postural mal-alignment is one of the key reasons for pain (sciatica, back pain, tendonitis and much more). A sprained ankle is a postural mal-alignment. Wendy Kennedy mechanically corrects all of this, easily and efficiently using a variety of modalities specially selected per client. Wendy Kennedy is a muscular / bio-mechanical [...]

Irene Andrejczuk

A We²-Bit® about Irene: I help women uncover their most troubling health and hormonal challenges by offering natural, safe, and effective solutions so they can experience vibrant health and feel their optimum best. Endocrine system ailments are my specialty and expertise. As well as running my private practice in Montreal, Canada, women from all parts [...]

Shannon Leibgott

A We²-Bit® about Shannon: I am a part owner and chef at my family run food business. Our mission is to make healthy, nutritious food accessible to the public. Contact Shannon Leibgott: Shannon Leibgott Co-owner & Chef Jarz Tel: 514-626-3659 Website: Email: Send me an email

Lise Gervais

A We²-Bit® about Lise: Lise is in charge of Jenetiqa’s international relations while also being part of the creative side of the business. She adds a dimension of sustainable development for the new products. With more than 25 years of experience in project management and business relations, Lise works on every aspect of the business, [...]

Self Defence for Women with We2® and KM3 Part of the We2® mission is to bring women tools they need for business…and also for life and lifestyle. Because we know that all things interconnect. From we eat to how we feel. This March, We2® is bringing something unique to our workshop repertoire. It is a [...]

Imagine being able to build an empire from your cell phone… For somebody who started her very first business before there was Facebook or Twitter, I am still amazed at the incredible power that is right at our fingertips, the power to build an online empire and work with incredible people from all over the [...]

MONEY w/ Yvonne St-Louis We2-Meet® Feb 26, 2016! Money. Just the word will spark intense feelings among every reader. No matter your relationship to it, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s a loaded topic. The feelings, beliefs and energy that it carries is nothing short of fascinating. That is why we [...]

Master your authentic voice on Feb 12! Imagine saying what you really mean and presenting it well…Do you struggle finding the right words at the right time? Finding and mastering our authentic voice can be liberating, help you feel more fulfilled and confident in all aspects of your life and relationships. And yes, mastering your [...]

We2 Members & Friends Holiday Party !!! The time has come to celebrate! Share in the merriment as “We2” gather together to share the company of our good friends over a lovely meal. Celebrate the season, celebrate our accomplishments and celebrate each other! Come dressed up to dazzle & let your hair down! Of course, [...]

The Holly-Dayest Fair Around! Our Sixth Anniversary! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” We2 are so excited to bring you another year of good friends and good cheer to celebrate the season of giving at our annual Holiday Networking EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! We2 aims to delight you this holiday season! Our extravaganza is so much [...]

Kim Vergil

A We²-Bit® about Kim: An Artist from as far back as I can remember. My first studio was set up in my childhood bedroom cupboard with a desk and art supplies where no one would interrupt me while I worked. Starting with a certification in Ceramics Technology I soon discovered that All the Arts were [...]

Empowering the women to capitalize on their existing skills and teaching them new, entrepreneurial ones. Get Inspired! Meet the woman helping women around the world. Imagine your mission involves helping strangers around the world…women you have yet to meet. Women who’s lives you will transform, who will in turn impact their own children, fighting poverty [...]

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