6 Steps to Creating Business Bliss

Are you ready to transform your business from “meh” to magnificent?

Ahhh…Business Bliss. That sweet spot. When Unicorns dance and it rains glitter!

Feel like there is MORE waiting for you and your business? More IMPACT, more FUN, more freedom and more money… (like, a lot more money)?

  • Whether you are just starting out, or ready to up-level your biz, if you seem to feel lost or overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do’s and the social media time-warp that has you spinning out of control…
  • If, at the end of the day when you crack open the piggy bank there is a puff of disappointment, and…what’s that? Is that tumbleweed drifting lazily past your desk – while crickets play their chirpy little violins?
  • If it FEELS like you are working ALL the time, spending so much energy & brainpower – (and money) so why oh why don’t you have the results you so desire?

…that’s a total Business Bummer. 🙁

I feel ya’ sister. I SO do.

HAVE NO FEAR! You are not alone. Things can change quickly, and rest assured…you got this.

You can go from frustration to five-figure months, or whatever you desire.

All it takes is a little know-how! (And some elbow grease).

How do I know?

I was in that space, too. I was there. Me, Sarena. Front row, box seats. In the loge. They were even bringing me complimentary cocktails. (Not as tasty as it sounds).

And that seems to be the story with SO many other heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Awesome people who are really good at what they do; but want to finally turn that passion into a business that thrives, so they can continue to serve & make a difference & live the lifestyle that they desire!

But there is working harder & working smarter.

Here’s the sad truth.
If you can’t figure out that money & success piece, you can’t continue to serve. Your impact is limited. And so is the fun & freedom that comes with making the money that YOU want to make!

As the founder of Business Betterment & The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, over the last decade I have had front a row seat to the problems that plague entrepreneurs at every level. From newbies to million-dollar business owners, all struggling to move the needle.

Not only have I been able to completely transform my life & business, I have been able to help OTHER incredible women do the same. Over and over and over again…

With phenomenal results.

We’re talking tripling and quadrupling businesses – in a matter of months

    Check it out: (real testimonials)

  • “…my business quadrupled” – RL
  • “…my business tripled” – MO
  • “…from 1500$ per month to $9000 per month in 6 months…” – VS
  • “…made more in the first four months of this year than all last year” – SL

Clients who now have client waiting lists. They’re charging more, have more confidence and WAY more satisfaction. (Just as important).

All by following a simple step-by-step pathway to Business Bliss.

On June 14th,
I am going to reveal that path to you.

It’s literally the culmination of 8 years of work, but what that means is that it WORKS.

We’re talking time-tested and true, babycakes.

    This is for you if you are:

  • Looking to take your business to the next level & you are not quite sure how.
  • Just starting out & have little-to-no idea of what to do first, second, third or last.
In this FREE, value-packed webinar class:

I will reveal my Signature 6 Step System to Creating Business Bliss… to turn your passion into a business that thrives

It’s the very same system that is rockin’ businesses to the bank – and letting entrepreneurs feel way more fulfilled and inspired.

  • Know what you need to do on each of these 6 steps on this yellow brick road to Business Bliss, and how they fit together!
  • Understand how to sell more & sell with more soul, (learn things like how selling “hourly packages” could be totally killing your conversions).
  • How to build your business faster with the “Ikea” principle.
  • The one extra secret step that makes it all work seamlessly…it’s one that SO many entrepreneurs get wrong, (I used to make the same mistake). Unlocking this step will finally end the feeling of constantly spinning your wheels & feeling overwhelmed & underappreciated (and WAY underpaid); let’s fix that! PHEW!

It’s real-world action-ables for real results. Pretty sweet.

Cuz there’s a BETTER way to do Business.

How it works:


2:00PM Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Where :

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